Firm the muscles around the eyes

Smooth and diminish crow’s feet with the eye flex.

Tighten up the neck and jawline

Reduces/prevents a double chin while lifting up the chest area.

Get rid of a double chin

Tighten up the neck and reduce or prevent a double chin.

Smooth out the forehead

Reduce unnecessary forehead movement and prevent wrinkles.

Smooth out nasolabial fold lines

Smooth out and shorten nasolabial folds while lifting the lower face line.

The smile lifter

Firm and lift up the cheeks and the corners of the mouth.

Do You Think It Is Possible To Have A Naturally Firm, Radiant, Youthful Face Without Ever Having To Invest In Expensive Face Creams or Procedures Again?

Because that is what you will learn how to achieve in the Ultimate Face Yoga Guide. We all deserve to look our best without having to spend thousands of dollars on expensive face creams or plastic surgery. I’ve done the hard part. I have done the research and tested the exercises until I got them down to a science. I have taught thousands of students all over the world how to change their face through the Ultimate Face Yoga Method Exercises.

I Can Show You How To Firm And Tone Any Area Of Your Face In Just 6 Minutes a Day

I have private clients that I have worked with one-on-one, who have paid me very well to learn the Face Yoga Method. I have worked with many large international corporations including Ponds and Sapporo that have paid me top dollar to represent their products and work with their employees. Now it is my dream to bring the Face Yoga Method to women and men all over the world at a price that is affordable to everyone. Which is why I am offering you The Ultimate Guide to the Face Yoga Method for ONLY $15!

I can’t wait to hear about your results with The Ultimate Guide to the Face Yoga Method. I receive testimonials from my students all the time and nothing makes me happier than to get an email from a student who thanks me for the amazing results they have gotten by practicing the Face Yoga Method. Once you have mastered the exercises in The Ultimate Guide to the Face Yoga Method you will have that skill for life and you can practice it just about anywhere at anytime.

I feel that your Face Yoga Method has helped my smile be more relaxed and not so stressed at the corners. My eyes seem bigger and more alive. Even my nose seems more defined. I enjoy doing it everyday, but can only devote about 2-3 minutes at a time, but every chance that I get to be by myself, I go for it! My favorite is the one where you tuck your bottom lip over your teeth because I feel it releases stress around my chin area. Thank you so much!”

Kali Chung

Age 33


The Accident That Left Me Looking Old Started It All
A New Career Is Born
Change Your Face, Change Your Life
How To Use This Ebook
Do The Warm Up Poses!
Targeting Problem Areas
Face First
No Time For The Body? No Problem!
Finish With The Cool Down!
Short On Time?

CHAPTER 1 - What Is The Face Yoga Method®?

The Facts Of Aging
Face Muscles – Use It Or Lose It
Beauty From The Inside Out

CHAPTER 2 - How Does The Face Yoga Method® Work?

Skin: The Largest Organ of the Body
The Truth About Your Face and Wrinkles
Gravity and The Face
Simple Summary

CHAPTER 3 - Expected Benefits From Practicing The Face Yoga Method®

Mental Benefits
Physical Benefits


Frequently Asked Questions

CHAPTER 5 - Face Yoga Method® - Dos and Don’ts

FYM Don’ts

CHAPTER 6 - Five Fundamental Steps for a Healthy Face Yoga Method® Practice

Getting Started

CHAPTER 7 - The Warm Up

The Torso Rotation
The Chest Opener
The Shoulder Blade Rotation
The Shoulder Rotation
The Neck Stretch

CHAPTER 8 - The Forehead Area

1-0 The Forehead Massager (with hands)
2-0 The Forehead Acupressure Point Push (with hands)
3-0 The Forehead Lift (with hands)
3-1 The Forehead Lift (with body)
4-1 The Eye Opening Binocular Pose (with hands)

CHAPTER 9 - The Eye Area

1-0 The Eye Flex (hands free)
1-1 The Eye Flex (with hands)
2-0 The Eye Bag Toner (hands free)
2-1 The Eye Bag Toner (with hands)
3-0 The Crow’s Feet Press (with hands)
4-0 The Under Eye Smoother (with hands)
4-1 The Under Eye Relaxer (with hands)
5-0 No More Tired Eyes (hands free)

CHAPTER 10 - The Mouth Area

1-0 The Yummy Face (hands free)
1-1 The Yummy Face (with hands)
2-0 The Smile Lifter! (hands free)
2-1 The Smile Lifter! (with a tool)

CHAPTER 11 - The Lip Area

1-0 The Smackeroo (hands free)
1-1 The Smackeroo (with hands)
2-0 The Lip Smoother (hands free)
2-1 The Lip Smoother (with hands)
3-0 The Lip Plumper (hands free)
3-1 The Lip Plumper (with hands)
4-0 The Bumble Bee Lip (hands free)
4-1 The Bumble Bee Lip (with hands)

CHAPTER 12 - The Nasolabial Folds Diminisher

1-0 The Big “O” (hands free)
1-1 The Big “O” (with hands)
2-0 The Nasolabial Folds Lift Up (hands free)
2-1 The Nasolabialfolds Lift Up (with hands)
3-0 The Nasolabial Smoother (hands free)
4-0 The Rolly Polly (hands free)
4-1 The Rolly Polly (with hands)

CHAPTER 13 - The Neck and Jawline Area

1-0 The Swan Neck (Hands Free)
1-1 The Swan Neck (With Hands)
2-0 The Neck And Jawline Shaper (Hands Free)
2-1 The Neck And Jawline Shaper (With Hands)
3-0 The Pulled Tongue (Hands Free)
3-1 The Pulled Tongue (With Hands)
4-0 The Double Chin Lift (With Hands)
4-1 The Double Chin Lift (With Hands)

CHAPTER 14 - The Cool Down


Fumiko Takatsu

Fumiko Takatsu

Face Yoga Expert

Best-selling author and Japanese TV celebrity Fumiko Takatsu helps Face Yoga students everywhere discover their most beautiful selves – inside and out.

A 30-year yoga devotee, Fumiko created the Face Yoga Method after a car accident left her face disfigured. Almost a decade later, she has defied modern medicine and the effects of time, creating for herself a toned, youthful face that shows no evidence of aging or trauma. 

As a busy educator and mother who divides her time between California and her native Japan, Fumiko makes practicing and teaching Face Yoga a priority. 

Her glowing, natural beauty is proof the Face Yoga Method yields startling results. 

Don’t wait, start now, remember gravity won’t wait for you to catch up!