The Ultimate Non Surgical Face Lift with the Face Yoga Method

This pose has been one of my signature poses. I have seen so many changes on so many people’s faces after this pose. The youngest student who was a fashion model and only 16 years old had a dramatic change (to everybody’s surprise including herself! ) This pose is INDEED a quick mini facelift you can do anytime anywhere.

This pose especially works for you if you want to combat;

  • Drooping eyelids
  • Tired/sleepy looking eyes
  • Sagging face line
  • Longer/deeper nasolabial folds

Whether you are thinking of getting a facelift or not,  give this pose a try and see how you like it.

Get Rid of Drooping Eyelids, Tired Eyes, Sagging Face line and Nasolabial Folds with Face Exercise in Record Time

Before we start an actual pose, I want you to take a close look at yourself. Which eyebrow is higher? which eyelid is more droopy? which eye is bigger? which nasolabial fold is deeper/longer? which corner of the mouth is higher? And also check the face line and see which side of your face is much sharper.  Different from the body changes which you can easily see, changes in the face are sometimes harder to see. By close observation of your own face, you will feel more in charge of your face and will keep motivation to practice the face exercises.

How you place your fingers is very important for this pose, so watch the video carefully before you do the pose. Until you get used to the pose, you can practice the pose in front of the mirror to make sure your movement is correct.


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          1. Hello Fumiko. Is there some other ways to lift a temple except this exercise? Looks like this one is too delicate in my case. I am doing this one and also moving my ears from time to time. But these two don’t work 🙁

  1. Hi Fumiko-san,
    I have been practicing this pose for a few weeks now, I was so surprised when I first did it! It looks and feels great every time! When I do the pose, it creates wrinkles above the corner of my eyebrow during the pose and they linger there a little while after the pose. Is this ok?! Am I doing something wrong?? Thank you!

    1. Hi,

      I am so happy to hear that you are doing the exercises!
      As for your questions, that line is normal.
      Also try to play with the angle your finger to see and find the best spot to place it.
      As for me, it is between white part of my eyes and pupil
      but sometimes depend on the person (the shape of the face, etc)

      Until you get very familiar with where you want to place your fingers, I highly recommend you check your posture with the mirror!

      Let me know how that works.


  2. hi fumiko! i just did this today and wow i love the results! i was just wondering how long does the effects last like the whole day or just a few hours? and is it just a quick fix or if i keep it up and do it everyday then will the results be permanent?

  3. Hi Fumiko,

    I have always been very troubled after discovering the asymmetry of my face that shows up especially obvious in pictures, although none of my friends could really notice it until I point it out to them. I’m really delighted to have chances upon your website! To be honest, I actually saw results after doing this pose only once to lift up the lower side of my face. I’m really pleasantly surprised by this! Immediate results after one try!
    Would the effects be long lasting and even become permanent if i were to do this every single day?

    Nevertheless I will still continue doing this and also go ahead to try out some of the other exercises you have up on this website. Please continue to post more of such lovely posts and thank you so much for sharing all of these with the online community (especially more so because of the English videos which made everything alot more accessible!)

  4. OMG the results! Thank you so much Fumiko! My left side of my face has already improved with just one stretch. Do you know if I can fix my face line? My left side of my face is puffier looking than my right side.

  5. Hey fumiko thnx for the exercises!im 17 , does this exercise make my eyebrows higher or the surface of eyelid bigger?if not can you show an exerxise for that plz thnx in advance

  6. Thank you Mrs! This is very relaxing. When will I see results? And how often shall I do it? Thank you soo much love this and the facial symmetry excersise.

  7. I have double eyelids,
    but the upperlids are puffy and droopy since I was born. Can this exercise
    help? And if it can, how often should I do this? 

  8. I dont have lines on cheeks when smiling like everybody I’ve seen. I want that line so bad Besides, I have lines around my mouth and when look on one side of the face, it creates large line fo from cheek to mouth, it is because I’m fat ?how can i erase that line?

  9. Hi Fumiko,
    My right eyebrow is higher than my left, but my right eye is smaller and more drooping than my left eye and my left nostril is lower than my right. My face is all mixed up!
    Please help me, What do I do?
    Thank you so much for all the help!

  10. Hi Fumiko,

    I have practiced your methods and they are somehow effective though I have just done it twice, and my eyebrows now are symmetrical. However, I do have big problems that although my left eye is more droppy than my right eye, my left corner of my mouth is higher than my right one. In this situation, what exercise should I do to improve it?

    Thank you so much for your kindness.

  11. hii Fumiko…my left eye is deeper than the right eyes,so my face looks asymetrical..can u plz help that deeper eyes can be lifted above….help me

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  13. Hi fumiko
    How many times do you repeat this and how long do you hold for?
    im doing this pose both sides each 12seconds and 12time is this ok??
    it creates wrinkles above my eyes

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