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The Unsung Sheroes Of the Face Yoga Method

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I want to take a moment to talk about the unsung heroes of my life. The FYM team of women.

When my sister-in-law, Maria, first reached out to me about taking the Face Yoga Method to the online world, I put her off for FOUR YEARS.

I was burned out from the busy lifestyle FYM had brought me, being on TV, talk shows and events all across Japan, and I didn’t have a clear vision for how this would work. But she did.

Finally, when I said yes, it was all systems go!  No looking back. Her drive to bring this to AS MANY WOMEN AS POSSIBLE was ablaze and lit my fire too. And that was the first step towards building our FYM women team!

In the beginning, it was just the two of us. She helped me with the business end and I was filming, editing, and posting video after video, and blog after blog. We grew so fast, that it was beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was time to build our Dream Team. Fifteen years later, we have a team of eight women, from five different countries, all working for YOU.  

These women are not just customer support, tech, and content creators; they are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, and most, importantly, honored to support you on your FYM journey.

They believe, feel, and live by the power of the Face Yoga Method. Every day they see your posts, your emails, and your photos reminding them how EMPOWERING and REAL the impact they have is.

This is what fuels them!

When we hit challenges in our life, we are right there for each other. Despite living in multiple timezones, and only meeting twice in person, there are no words for the connection we all share.

We bring our ALL and show up 110% to help you do the same. It is this connection, support, and teamwork that has allowed us to offer you our most dynamic program yet, the 6-Week Face Toning Bootcamp!

Our team has helped us become an Internationally known brand, and is bringing your FYM in multiple languages (more details here) , something very few dare to venture into. We want everyone to have access to this method and spread the transformation like wildfire.

When you step into the Face Yogi Community, you step into a TRIBE. You are one of us. You are supported. And we will stop at nothing to ensure you get where you want to be.  

This is why we do this.

Why we spend weekends away from our families to do webinars for you.

Why we travel for weeks at a time to host retreats and to continue our education.

Face Yoga Method is not just a program, it is a tribe.


I am thrilled that on March 1st we are all doing the Bootcamp together. For the first time, my entire team is doing it alongside all of you, and we can already feel the magic brewing!

Because when you have your tribe behind you, there is nothing you cannot achieve!

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  1. I definitely appreciate what you and your team are doing.

    I already have been doing some facial exercises … have for years, more or less intensely at various times in my life. At a certain point in one’s life, the neck becomes the most problematic, I believe, at least for me. I’ve kept my face up well, and it is fine. However, the neck area could use some extra help, even though I have done some neck exercises for over a year. Your regime will add to that.

    I get quite a bit of exercise … am a ballroom dancer, and am now in my 7th decade. I often spend hours practicing … can’t do boot camp at this time. Further, I am wondering, being realistic, at a certain point, there is probably only so much that exercise can do for the neck area. Having said that, I believe in exercising whatever needs exercising to the day that we leave this earth; stopping would only make things far worse.

  2. Wow to you and your entire team, can FEEL your excitement, dedication & sense of making a difference!
    Although due to Single-focus right now on my own online business, I will not be joining you, i would sincerely like to … When i can truly commit to the time and focus required at another time.

    just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS for your ongoing success Sheores! Brilliant

  3. Yes i like to join the bootcamp but i don’t know what time there cause i am here in the Philippines and what time to start to do here in Face Yoga methods camp, thank you so much for giving me opportunity to join.

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  4. I am enrolled in both boot camp and TEacher’s training.
    Already addicted to 100 splashes , hot water, and WoW while driving 🙂 thanks

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