A woman with dark hair picked up in a bun, in a sleeveless red shirt and black pants standing and holding arms on her hips.

Tighten Your Tummy And Support Your Back Without Crunches

Do you want to get a tight and sexy tummy easily? Have you tried abdominal crunches on the floor and gave up? A tight tummy can not only be achieved without crunches, but what is more important it can make you feel and look sexy. In addition, it protects your back and prevents lower back pain. When I gave birth to my daughter I started getting lower back pain. I was breast feeding her and carrying her all the time and I started feeling a dull pain in my lower back. I didn’t have time to do a full yoga practice but I wanted to get back in shape. One day I tried this exercise while nursing her and WOW, it worked!

Today I will show you an exercise that has very subtle movements that strengthen and support muscles not only around the lower back but also the abdominals. It almost feels like you are getting a little back massage and at the same time a tight tummy without crunches. Have fun and let me know how this works for you.