Under Eye Area Treatment Through The Body

When you have a drink the night before, you see your puffy eyes in the morning. When you have certain foods, you notice the dark circles under the eyes more than the day before. All of sudden, one morning, the wrinkles under the eyes became so obvious. All the skin routines were the same and you had enough sleep. So why? The problems under the eyes, such as dark circles, puffiness and/or wrinkles are one of the major problem areas for people all over the world.So what can be done?

Let’s take a look at the image above.

The real truth about the dark circles, puffiness and/or wrinkles

Your face says a lot about the health of your body. So if you have some problems under the eyes, the problems are often related to the kidneys, stomach or liver.

Kidneys are hard working organs but are also very humble so they do not get enough attention from us. So give some attention, appreciate and love to your kidneys. But taking care of your kidneys, you can see the results on your face!

Give this a try and let me know how it works!


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  1. I have been using your nature face lift exercise with great results..thank you, you have change my life.. At the age of 66, this last year my face began to look real old, with the grim miserable look of old age..Since using your exercise I am looking much younger with an up lift that makes me look more youthful.So many people exercise their body without being aware that their face needs a work out too..I will continue to use most of your face exercise video’s , they are amazing..so are you for sharing them with us..With no cost and taking only a few minutes a day,how wonderful is that!! Thank you! , thank you! thank you! Not only have you lifted my face, you have lifted my spirit too..xx

    1. Rosemarie, I am so happy to hear that you are not only seeing the changes but feeling it too!!! Thank you for posting your experience here. The message like yours keeps me going and I get encouraged at lot! Thank you!


  2. I have no words to describe the great impact of these exercise, on my sister’s face, one of my wishes is to see my family youthful inside out. Thank you from my heart, God bless you & your family.
    Much love:

  3. hi can you please tell me how to become short in height, i am very tall..i feel it everyday uncomfortable .so please tell me the way

  4. I just found your sight …my bags under my eyes are getting so bad …and I’m aging a lot faster .so I watched your video …wow all connected to your kidney …I’m in renal failure so I can’t wait to try them to see if it helps ….I will tell other Dialysis friends then …it is easy and sounds great thank you thank you so much

  5. Hi Fumiko, I am 66. this year and I have just been trying your facial exercises for a month and eady my friends are asking me whast I am doing as they say I look great and don’t look my age. So thank you so much the exercises work!!!!

  6. I am so going to add this to my regimen. I do have trouble with puffy eyes in the morning. Sleeping on my back helps but the real issue is I do not drink enough water. My job is in a sterile environment so no water bottles allowed.

  7. Hello! I was wondering how to get the full photo of the face with connected labeled body parts ….. thank you ahead of time! Nan Carrera

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