I honestly believe that what you eat is who you are, and what you put in your body shows on your body, and your face and in your emotions. Many people have asked me what I eat throughout the day. So here you have it! I am going to show you EVERYTHING I put in my body for one day.

This is just an example of one of my days. Some days I eat great some days I eat not so well, some days I eat a lot and some days I eat no so much. There are days I crave starchy foods, such as pasta, noodles, and baked potatoes. There are days I crave sugary desserts, dark chocolate is my thing. I love berries and dark chocolate and together they are the perfect combo. Fair warning. I am not a professional nutritionist or dietician. I am a professional food lover.

Here are my simple rules I follow pretty much everyday:

1. I start my day with a cup of hot water. A cup of hot water wakes me up and helps to clean my system.

2. After a cup of hot water, I usually wait for 10 minutes or more before I put something into my stomach. This 10 minute wait time helps the hot water to clean my system. While I’m waiting I usually do yoga or prepare meals for my family.

3. After 10 minutes or so, I eat fresh fruit to get some active enzymes to aid my digestive system. Seasonal, local, and recently harvested is the best way to go. My favorite fruits are any kind of berry: blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries.

4. After fruit, I wait for another 10 minutes or more, before I put some protein in my stomach. The 10 minute wait time helps my body to absorb the enzymes from the fruit.

5. I try to have some kind of protein with every meal. I eat three meals a day. One of my favorite snacks is raw almonds.

6. If I am invited to a party in the evening and know there may not be healthy food choices, I eat a lot more veggies for lunch so that I can enjoy the party without feeling guilty eating “not healthy” foods or not eating well. We should have fun and enjoy our lives without worrying too much about what we eat, right?

7. I usually end the day the same way I started, with a cup of hot water. Imagine that you do the dishes at the end of the day. This is the same concept. It is so beneficial to have a cup of hot water before bed to clean your system while you are sleeping. (Please see my other blog post to read about the benefits of hot water)

As you can tell from the video, I am not a vegetarian. (This is one of the questions I am asked a LOT). Nor do I have a particular diet I follow. But there are a few things I can tell you for sure… I eat organic produce as much as possible (yes, most of the veggies on our table are from our garden!) And I eat local and seasonal foods as much as possible! Let me know your thoughts and your daily diet.