It is such an old adage and you probably have heard it so many times. So, is it really true? How exactly can it be true? Here are some examples:

  • Do you feel energized and awake after drinking a cup of coffee in the morning?
  • Have you ever felt clear and awake after eating a healthy meal?
  • Have you ever had a bad skin breakout after eating greasy food the night before?
  • Have you ever smelled differently after eating certain foods? Or have you ever noticed your partner smelled differently when she/he had a different food from yours?

If you can answer “yes” to one of the above questions, you have surely experienced the affect of food on the body.

Amazing Universe: The Body

All of us have up to fifty trillion cells in our bodies. I do not know the exact number since numbers vary depending on where you look, but I can say for sure that is A LOT! Have you ever even tried to count up to trillion? I have not. Each cell demands a constant supply of energy in order to function properly. Very demanding, indeed.  The energy comes from food. That means “what we eat.” If you feed your body with bad food, each cell gets affected. I mean, five to fifty trillion cells get affected! The way we feel, the way our brain thinks, the way our body functions, the way we look, the way our skin looks, depend on the food/energy we take in.  For optimal health, healthy eating is the key to everything!

You know the importance of food, but don’t get discouraged if you just had a doughnut for breakfast! It is not an ideal food to start out the day but you can still balance out your meal throughout the day. You can have a nice healthy lunch and dinner. If you had fast food for lunch and are not feeling great about it, that’s OK. You can have a healthy dinner and make up for the lunch.

Who owns your body, You? or Foods you Eat?

Once, I had a friend who was very into healthy foods. Everything she was reading was about food. Everything she talked about was food related. She knew all the great healthy restaurants in Tokyo. She was a dictionary when it came to healthy foods. It sounds great, right? But there was a down side. She got easily upset and became unhappy if she could not find healthy dishes at the restaurants she went to. She became obsessed with food and food was the center of her life. She was not living her life to the fullest instead, the foods she was eating took over her life. Life is too short and we should enjoy it. Sometimes we have to see life in a bigger perspective.

A Little Known Fact About The Way You Eat

The way you eat affects who you are, but let’s be practical. Although it may be ideal many of us don’t have time to make a perfect meal every single day of our lives. We go out with friends to restaurants where the selection of foods are not perfect. We are sometimes invited to parties full of delicious but unhealthy foods. That is OK. Just relax and think about your day in the big picture of things.

Imagine your body’s mechanics.  When you get up in the morning, your stomach is pretty hungry. When you come home from work/gym, your body is hungry and also thirsty. In a way, your body has been in a fast mode. Literally, the word “breakfast” means “breaking” the “fast” from the night before. When the stomach and body have been in fast mode for some time, they tend to take in and absorb everything that comes in. Before you take anything in, just think about it. You can have a doughnut for breakfast if you really want, but before you eat the doughnut, you can have a piece of fruit that will be absorbed before the donut. If you know that you are going to have a meat dish for dinner, try to eat a lot of salads for lunch.

If you know that you are invited to a party and you know that it will not be a healthy one, eat something before you go.

A Natural Appetite Suppressant

An Apple is a great food to eat before going to a party since it can also works as a natural appetite suppressant. It has high water content which is also good for your skin! It also has a high fiber content and very low calories. A medium raw apple has about 70 calories and 4.0 fiber/gram. Fiber helps to cleanse your system. Apples also contain Vitamin C which is great for your skin and  supports your immune system.

If you have any special secret of your daily diets, let me know.

I love to learn new secrets!