Concerns: Droopy eyelids, nasolabial folds, sagging cheeks. Tried 10 poses a day for 1 month and got a great results. My eyes open wider, and they are getting almost the same size. My skin feels much smooth and softer.

Yasuyo, 54

I am not a disciplined person, so I tried one pose while driving, watching TV or reading and to my own amazement I got great results.


I tried the Face Yoga poses 10 to 15 minutes a day and after a month I saw the dramatic change on my face line. I can even feel that the extra fat on my face line is gone. 

Kazumi, 42

Come along and practice Face Yoga for the next 30 days and we promise you that you will see and feel a difference!


Age – 30s

Concern – a double chin

Regimen – 10 minutes, 5 days a week for 4 weeks

Age – 40s Concern – Sagging chin and loss of jaw line definition Regimen – 14 minutes a day for 2 weeks

This is Maria, the face yoga method face that you never see, the one behind the scenes.  You may not know but I am Fumiko’s sister in law and run the backside of Face Yoga Method.  I celebrated my 50th birthday on April 17 and in honor of that I have some insights into turning 50 and a very special birthday offer. When I was young, 50 seemed like a million years old and like it would never happen to me.  Fifty just happened and I am happy to report that I don’t feel a million years old but rather calmer, happier and healthier than when I was forty. 

People often ask me about my skin and they want to know what I do to keep it so young looking.  I’ve been asked several times whether or not I use botox or fillers and my honest answer is I never have.  Of course I practice Face Yoga and have for the past eight years since I met Fumiko but there are other things I do to keep my skin and health at their best and they are all natural.


I started practicing the Face Yoga program because I wanted to do something with the hollows in the eye and cheek area. I now “feel” the muscles on my face and my face has lifted up since I started the practice.

Maki Hinotani, 45

As I was approaching my 40s I noticed my face started to change, what shocked me the most was seeing how my eyes were getting increasingly smaller. You couldn’t tell I was smiling even when I was. After 8 months of practice, my eyes are wide open, both corners of my mouth are lifted and my face line got slimmer. I am so happy that I found the Face Yoga Program and I will forever continue to practice.

Mina Hattori, 42