When should I practice the Face Yoga Method?

Ideally twice a day; the first thing in the morning and right before going to bed. When you practice the FYM poses in the morning, it wakes up the face muscles and makes you more aware of facial movements throughout the day. Most of us develop unfavorable muscle practices, i.e. frowning. Practicing the FYM in the morning can help to break bad facial habits. Practicing the FYM before going to bed helps to reset the muscles you used during the day and to relax not only the face muscles, but the mind and prepare you to have a nice peaceful sleep. If you find it hard to practice the poses in the morning, practice them throughout the day. Some of the poses you can practice while you are driving, cooking, watching TV and even in the shower! Try to make it into an everyday habit.

How often should I practice the Face Yoga Method before I see the results?

Some people see results right away, even after one practice! But after 2 weeks of practice most people will see results (see Before/After photos). Please note that measuring facial changes is very different from measuring body changes which are easy to track with scales and other measuring devices.  The results on the face are much more subtle and appear slowly over time. For this reason, I highly recommend taking Before/After photos to keep yourself motivated.  One of my students, Heather, practiced some of the FYM poses while she commuted by car. After 6 weeks, she saw a friend of hers whom she had not seen for almost 2 years. Her friend told Heather that Heather looked younger than 2 years ago and wanted to know what Heather did! The secret is the FYM!

Do I have to do all the poses every day?

For the best results, I highly recommend doing all the poses every day. However, if you have a specific concern, you can practice specific poses for problem areas. Once you form the habit of practicing the FYM your face may feel strange if you don’t do it every day, kind of like brushing your teeth every day.  For best results do a little bit of practice every day instead of doing a long practice every once in a while.  In the same way that you wouldn’t exercise for five hours on Sunday and forget about it for the rest of the week, it is better to do a little bit of FYM everyday.

What if I cannot move my face muscles?

Practice, practice, practice! Practice makes perfect. Remember the first time you rode a bicycle without a training wheel? Once your body learns the movement, you will never forget. The same thing can apply to your face muscles. If you are not used to moving some muscles on your face, it may take time to “feel” the movements. In fact, when you speak Japanese, you use less face muscles. As a result, Japanese people have a harder time moving face muscles compared to English speakers. But once they move those muscles, they can see great results! Just trying to move certain muscles is a great exercise for the brain, too!

Will I get wrinkles by practicing the Face Yoga Method?

No. Some people think that moving face muscles will make more wrinkles. While the wrong repetitive movements can cause  unwanted wrinkles, moving them the right way can prevent and even reduce wrinkles. Since each pose does not take more than a minute and every movement is very specific, it would be quite difficult to make more wrinkles by practicing the FYM. To make sure you are using the right muscles and moving them correctly, practice the FYM in front of the mirror until you get the move right. In my mid 30′s, I developed a very noticeable forehead line above my right eye brow. It was due to my habit of moving the right eye brow every time I talked. After a few months of the FYM practice, the line is gone! Since the FYM helps your face muscles relax, you may notice your entire face is relaxed after the practice. Stress can make more wrinkles on your face than you think.

I like certain FYM poses but do not like some other poses. Do I have to practice all the poses?

It is not necessary to practice all the poses to get results. You can choose the poses for the areas you are concerned with. However, just like exercise for the body; a total facial work out will bring better results. I encourage you to practice a variety of FYM poses. When you want to get a flat stomach, sit ups is a good exercise but not enough to get a satisfying result. If you do not like certain FYM poses, maybe those are the poses you need to practice more to get the results you are looking for.

My face feels strange after practicing the Face Yoga Method, is that normal?

It is absolutely normal! In fact, that means you are moving the face muscles you are not used to moving. Imagine any sport you try for the first time, how does your body feel? Your body and brain are getting new stimulation. If you feel too much pain or intense sensation take it easy on the poses and gradually increase the resistance or frequency of the exercise.

My family members have double chins, it is genetic, can I still get results on my chin by practicing the Face Yoga Method?

The answer is definitely yes! A double chin is one of the easiest areas to change despite genetics.  Your parents can be a great indicator of your future face. Study the way they look and work on the areas you want to change. Since you are more aware of the possible problems in the future, you can prevent the problems before they manifest on your face. Observe your parents’ faces and keep your motivation to practice the FYM.

How long do I have to do each pose?

Each pose description explains this. Some take 3 breathes and others takes longer/shorter.

I have a face lift and/or I got Botox, can I still practice the Face Yoga Method?

The answer is yes. One of the beauties of the FYM is it can be practiced/ combined with other face treatments. However, since Botox suppresses the facial muscle movements, it can be hard to move the face muscles right after the treatment. If you feel extreme discomfort, please stop the exercise and consult your physician. When you practice the FYM, make sure your face is well hydrated to avoid unnecessary damage on the skin surface. 

I know it is important to drink a lot of water; 6 to 8 glasses every day for your skin, but I do not like to drink that much water, especially before going to bed because I need to go to bathroom often. What should I do?

Try to drink tepid or hot water with a slice of lemon, it is easier to drink. Water flushes out wastes and toxins from the body so it helps your skin get clear and hydrated. Try hot water. It is not only easier to drink but also better for your skin! Imagine washing an oily dish with hot water, it removes oil from the dish easier than the cold water. If you are concerned about going to the bathroom too often, drink hot water before bed time and see how it affects you.  When you drink water, try not to drink a lot at once, instead, drink a small amount each time. Take sips throughout the day.

Is it better do a few poses of FYM every day or to practice all the poses of FYM every other day?

Your success in achieving the face you want really depends on your daily exercise. As I mentioned earlier, if you do not use your muscle, you lose it. It is better to do fewer poses every day rather than all the poses once in a while. Develop your own daily routine with your favorite poses.