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Yes, you can tone your face the same way you tone your body! There are over 43 muscles in the face that can be targeted to lift the skin, naturally get rid of wrinkles and brighten the complexion. I have spent over 15 years developing and I can’t wait to share it with you. Become part of the Face Yoga Method family and start your journey today by joining one of my online programs!
Top Online Programs

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The jumpstarts were created to solve one issue alone: asymmetrical eyes, droopy eyelids, forehead wrinkles and so on... They include:

28 days of exercise with exact instructions

Access to our site where you can see the videos, read each description and check your completed days

A downloadable cheat sheet

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A step-by-step blueprint to changing any facial area within 6 weeks. Includes:

  All facial areas covered

  42 facial exercise videos

  Progress tracking

  Face Yoga Method Mirror

  BONUS Reclaim Your Glow - Skin Care Secrets

  BONUS Exclusive Pressure Points Workshop

  BONUS Train Your Focus Project

  BONUS Wonderwoman's Philosophy

Face Yoga Method Teacher Certification Course blue poster.
If you're serious about becoming a successful and effective face yoga teacher, there's nothing standing in your way.You have EVERYTHING you need laid out for you, in a comprehensive, easy to understand system.

4 Core Teaching Modules and 20 Assignments

Live Workshops with Fumiko & Maria

Private Facebook Group


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Certified Teacher

Are you ready to take your Face Yoga practice to the next level? Do you want to perfect over 70 Face Yoga poses and share it with the world from the comfort of your own home? Is you dream to work with and inspire confidence in other women? Then the 4-month online Teacher Certification Course if for you!
Fumiko Takatsu, the founder of the Face Yoga Method, doing a yoga pose with closed eyes and hands closed in the air.
The Ultimate Guide to the Face Yoga Method e-book cover.

Face Yoga Method eBook

Delve into the world of facial exercises that tone, tighten and reduce wrinkles across all the areas of the face. With over 50 Face Yoga exercises and skincare tips, this eBook is your no.1 reference for all things Face Yoga.

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