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The Face Yoga Method blog is a collection of the unique facial exercises and skincare secrets I have employed over 15 years of helping others achieve the best version of themselves.
Discover how to take your face and confidence into your own hands! Start today with the articles, videos and other resources I’ve made available here to help you on your journey to the face and the life you desire and deserve.

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Fumiko Takatsu doing a yoga exercise for body.
Unlock my favorite body exercises! The face and the body are inevitably connected so ensuring that your body is thriving is crucial to your Face Yoga practice.
A glass jar with white cream.


I’ve perfected over two dozen homemade recipes for smooth, glowing and radiant skin. You’ll soon find out that you have all you need already in your kitchen!
Fumiko Takatsu in a blue and green top showing excitement while smiling and holding her hands in her blue hat.


Face Yoga is so much more than just face exercises. It’s a way of life that favors the more natural and sustainable approach to health and wellbeing.
Fumiko Takatsu holding a bottle with a moisturizing cream.


This skin care line is the perfect complement to your Face Yoga practice! Discover the products that have transformed my skin and should be added your regimen.
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