Today I want to thank you all with a special treat but first I have a question. Did you know that the average woman in the US eats about 10 lip sticks in her life?  After learning this I became very careful about what I put on my lips. My concern grew when my daughter started using my lip balm. One day, I found her EATING my lip balm!!! It was a natural and organic one I bought at the store but you never know when that was made or how long that was on the store shelf.

After these incidents, I decided to make my own lip balms using natural, fresh and healthy (most of them are organic!) ingredients.  Now I am in love with my home made lip balms. They are simply amazing and my lips feel and look smother than ever! I can even use them under my eyes. I have made a lot of these for Christmas so that I can give them away as gifts and today my gift to you is the lip balm recipe!

I wish all of you who celebrate a very Merry Christmas and a happy Holiday season to all.