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4 Reasons Drinking Hot Water Is Worth It

You can’t make it far through one of my videos or programs without hearing me praise this simple beauty trick! So what’s the buzz all about? Is it really different than drinking cold or ice water? Does adding coffee or tea count? 

If you’ve never tried hot water on its own here are the top four reasons why it’s my favorite beauty hack:


I drink hot water throughout the day. First thing in the morning and before I go to bed and throughout the day. 

But the morning is my favorite time. It’s the first thing that enters my body, when I’m still half awake, half asleep. 

But when I drink hot water, it’s like a rush of awakening energy. It feels so clean, fresh and good for me and then my day feels this way too. 

It wakes my body up on a physical level too. I go to the bathroom almost right away after finishing my first glass of hot water. When I feel like my body’s clean I feel more energy, and I feel good. 

My morning hot water is my day-maker. 


Hydration is important for our body, muscle, and skin health,  and plays a big part in how our skin looks and feels.

When we drink water at a hot temperature (120°F 48°C to 140°F 60°C) it speeds up our metabolism, increases circulation, clears the sinuses and can even reduce pain. These benefits mean softer, younger-looking skin for you.

While drinking tea has its benefits, it should NOT count towards your daily water intake of at least 2 liters per day. In fact, for every cup of tea, you should drink two cups of plain water.

Drinking hot water shows overnight on my skin, and sometimes even sooner. If I’m dehydrated my lips get chapped, my hands feel dry and my skin is dull. But if I stick with my regular amount of hot water my skin glows and is so clear and soft.

White cup and teapot on the table
I order hot water even when I’m out at a restaurant.


Oh, the dreaded mid-day slump. Between 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm, my body tends to start feeling sluggish and tired. And it’s at this time that I usually feel like I want something sweet or caffeine or something to keep me going.

But when I drink hot water at this time, I don’t need those other things! I feel instantly energized. It quells my sweet tooth and it gives me an instant pick me up.

Many Face Yoga Method practitioners have told me that they actually got addicted to hot water and no longer need caffeine to keep them going throughout the day.


The final reason why I love hot water is that you can get it anywhere. At home, I always have an electric hot water kettle on, but you don’t have to be home to get hot water. I order hot water when I’m out at a restaurant and even on airplanes when I travel.

If you’re having a hard time adapting to just plain hot water, here are some healthy alternatives that won’t dehydrate your skin:
* Honey
* Lemon wedge or juice
* Fresh ginger root 
* Cinnamon

Use the “Oyu Mug” to remind yourself that you are a Face Yogi and each sip inspires a healthy habit of self-care.