During the cold season, or anytime of the year the feeling of “coming down” with something is not fun at all. Unexpected sickness not only changes your daily routine, it changes your emotional state and your face! A sore throat is one of the symptoms I particularly don’t like. When you have a sore throat, food doesn’t taste good and it is hard to take a drink! And as a result, I become an unhappy person! When I am not happy it shows on my face. When I have sore throat, I often frown.

Sore throat ->unhappy-> bad facial expression ->unwanted wrinkles!

It may be just a sore throat but it really affects the way you feel and the way you look!

The Black Tea Magic

I learned at early age to gargle when I came in from outside, especially during the winter season. I used to use salty water to gargle but about 10 years ago, I was introduced to gargling with black tea/English tea. That changed everything. It works much better than salty water. The sore throat decrease dramatically if not gone instantly. Simply amazing!

The Secret of Japan – Scientific Proof

One of the professors from the Showa University School of Medicine did a study using 300 students divided into 2 groups. One group gargled with black tea twice a day with tea and the other did not. The results? The group that gargled with tea were not knocked out by a cold! What is the secret of black tea? Black tea is high in catechins. The catechins help the body fight viruses and prevent the activities of free radicals.

How To Use Black Tea To Fight A Cold and Cure Sore Throat

It is much simpler than you think. You make a cup of tea using black tea. You can use a tea bag or loose tea leaves but make it stronger than usual. When it is ready, just gargle for 10 seconds or more. Repeat this 2-3 times until your sore throat is gone or diminished. Drinking tea can help but does not work that well for the purpose of fighting a cold or soothing a sore throat. Isn’t it simple enough to try? I would love to hear your experience! Please leave comments below. If your culture has any “secrets” I would love to learn, so please let me know your culture’s “secret.”