Try a Facelift without Surgery

Have you seen your “future” face in the mirror? If not, take a look at yourself in the mirror. Simply hold a mirror parallel to the floor and look down until your face is completely parallel to the mirror.  You can see what you will look like in 10 years. Does this make you say “yikes” or “wow’? Does this face make you happy?  Do you see a double chin? Sagging face line? Wrinkles under the mouth area? Now, place a mirror over your head until the mirror is parallel to the ceiling, then look up. That is the face you had 10 years ago. Don’t you miss that?

Gravity makes it possible to walk and stand on Earth but it pulls our face down and make us look older. If you are not happy with the face you might have in 10 years, try something to prevent that.

How To Lift Up And Shape Up Your Lower Face

Face lift surgery lifts up your lower face toward the ears to erase the lines around the lower mouth. It also lifts up your lower face but after a few years things will start to go down again. In this video, I will share one exercise you can do to reduce, prevent and shape up your lower face line. As always, do this regularly to see results!