A woman with a long black hair and a white cap looking in a mirror and touching her face.

How Face Yoga Is Revolutionizing The Beauty Industry

An ageless face – what’s it worth? 

“Big Beauty” has its grips on aging, and I don’t say that in a good way. I recently stumbled upon an image that stopped me in my tracks. It was a face with a bunch of numbers on it – the average prices of cosmetic procedures per area.

The average upper eyelid surgery costs nearly $900, jowls will set you back $600-$800 and the total cost to tighten the neck is well over $1000.

Cost Ageless Face

But it wasn’t just “sticker-shock” that I was feeling. I immediately thought of all of the unseen costs of cosmetic procedures.

You see, the big beauty industry has a chokehold on aging. They tell us grey hair is unattractive, that the lines on our faces show a lack of health and vitality, and as a whole, the older we get the more depleted our value.

Their solution? 
Invasive Procedures.

But the big problem here is that these cosmetic procedures can only offer superficial results and deeper down, they’re just a gateway to riskier and more-costly procedures like injections and surgeries.

Because the truth is you can’t reverse the signs of aging with products alone. Moreover, it’s not your AGE that’s the problem.

So when I look at photos like these, sure I see HUGE price tags, but I also see the cost of the years of disappointment, desperation, and longing of the woman – who had looked in the mirror for the last time and said: “I’m done”.

I hear the internal criticism in her head as she flips through a magazine at the grocery checkout, comparing herself to the misleading and photoshopped editorials…

I long to see her in photos with her family again and being present in precious moments that will go by clouded by her own insecurities…

I feel her pain as she leaves her surgeon’s office with bandages and bruises not fully knowing what the results of time in their hands will yield…

It’s time to take back our worth from “big beauty” and empower ourselves with self-love and appreciation.

It’s time to put down the knives and needles and learn how we can naturally achieve the same results.

It’s time to embrace this sacred process of aging and be supported by other women and men who have started this journey.

2020 is the time to start!!!

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