Before and after doing face yoga - comparison of a facial change

How Face Yoga Method Can Transform Your Life

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“All this sorrow of the last year began to show on my face. I saw that I lost the sparkle in my eyes…” ~Cosima The past year has been hard, unexpected, and has evoked a certain type of resilience within each of us. And sometimes we don’t even realize the stresses until we do something that helps us change, grow …

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How To Conquer Systemic Anti-Aging Beliefs

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The History Of Beauty Standards We can all agree that ideal “beauty standards” have fluctuated since the beginning of time.  From slender physique with narrow shoulders, to plump and full bodied, from rounded stomach to flat stomach, from narrow hips to full hips, from more to less curves, and so on, we’ve seen beauty standards idealize with the changing of …

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The Best Lessons We Learned From 2020

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It’s truly been an extra-ordinary year.  One that none of us saw coming. A whirlwind of emotions and lessons, opportunities for self discovery, and a test for our resilience and adaptability, among many others.  Just like the rest of the world, we knew 2020 was going to be different, we just didn’t realize how different.  Navigating personal, professional, and business …

A woman with dark hair laying on a white sheet with closed eyes and gold lines drawn on her face.

Kintsugi: Why You Should Embrace Imperfection

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I’ve always been in awe of the Japanese artform, Kintsugi. In Japan, vessels which have cracked or broken are repaired with gold. This name for this ancient art form is called Kintsugi, which literally translates to english as Tsugi “join” Kin “in gold”.  This practice has always captured my heart because what it evokes is incredibly beautiful. Rather than disposing …

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Reverse Aging By Breaking These 5 Everyday Habits

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Oftentimes when we think about reversing aging, we jump to conclusions that special creams and serums are the solution. And while, yes, high quality skin care is essential, our daily habits are actually what contributes to much of our premature aging and unhealthy skin conditions. While that may sound daunting, there’s really good news:  By solely bringing awareness to your …

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How to Build Self-Worth and Confidence as a Woman

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“I’m afraid for you,” he said to me three years ago.  “Me?!” I thought, “Oh don’t worry for me, I’m so strong I can handle anything that comes my way.”  And then for the months after we uprooted our lives and family from Germany to the United States, this was the story I told myself.  But slowly, as the weeks turned into months …