Does Face Yoga Cause Wrinkles?

Facial exercises are not a new concept, but you may just be finding out about this powerful anti-wrinkle technique for yourself– and with that it’s crucial for you to understand the benefits and risks before you begin. 

Because the truth is that not all Face Yoga is created equal and there is the potential that you could have adverse results, like more wrinkles if done improperly. 

Here’s how to ensure that you’re only creating beautiful results with Face Yoga!


A woman with a blue cap touching her forehead and smiling, while holding a photo showing the musculature of human face.

Face Yoga is the practice of exercising and activating the muscles of the face. There are around 50 muscles in every face and just as we can tone our body through exercises, our facial muscles can be toned too. The best part is since these are relatively tiny muscles, recovery time is minimal, results can be seen very quickly, and it works for all faces and ages! 

Face Yoga smoothes, plumps, and sculpts the facial muscles to create a youthful look, but our Method also reveals beauty from the inside out and the routines and programs go beyond just cosmetic benefits. Results can include: 

  • Tight and toned skin 
  • Reduced eye bags and swelling
  • Reduced or erased wrinkles 
  • Facial symmetry 
  • Happier appearance 
  • Symmetrical smile and reduced “gummy smile” 
  • A younger-looking face and skin 
  • Uplifted mood, confidence, and relaxation 
  • Brightened and a more even complexion 
  • Recovery from paralysis (results vary) 
  • Tightened neck and jawline 
  • Improved posture and flexibility 
  • …and more!

While most practitioners (we call them Face Yogis) feel results right away, visible results are typically seen within a few days to a few weeks, depending on age and skin condition. More on this later…


You guessed it, like many things, there is the right way of doing Face Yoga and the wrong way of doing Face Yoga and doing Face Yoga properly is essential to your success. 

YES, Face Yoga can reduce wrinkles and create beautiful results 100% naturally. And YES, Face Yoga holds the potential to cause more wrinkles, but only when done improperly. 

A woman in one pink and one blue photos next to each other showing facial exercises the right and wrong way.

Things to avoid doing during practice include: 

-pulling, wrinkling, or tugging at your skin with your hands 
-scrunching other areas of your face while doing a pose 
-doing too much at once
-not following instructions

It’s always recommended to practice slowly and gently and in front of a mirror to be sure your actions look like your teacher’s actions. 

So, how do you know that you’re doing the practice safely and the right way? That brings us to the next point…


Would you go to a general practitioner for heart surgery? Would you fix a broken arm with a bandaid? Would you ask a friend for nutritional advice? No. 

Just as you go to trusted and certified professionals for all of your other health needs, you should also be sure you are seeking Face Yoga guidance from a Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher. 

These teachers have extensively learned and proven their knowledge of the anatomy of the face and body, the structure of the skin, safety while practicing Face Yoga, and the causes of aging and wrinkles and how to reverse them – properly. Furthermore, they have also passed over a dozen assignments, and their Face Yoga routines have been approved by Fumiko Takatsu, personally. 

While there are over 300 Certified Face Yoga Method Teachers worldwide, you can conveniently practice from the comfort of your own home through programs with Fumiko herself! Learn more here. 

Once you have chosen your Face Yoga teacher, be sure you listen to what they are teaching you closely to ensure desirable results. This includes frequency, routines, poses, lifestyle tips, and skincare. Remember, there is more at play here than just your face! 

Two women practicing facial exercises.


To the untrained eye, Face Yoga can look like a series of pulling-faces. But it’s much more than that. 

There are over 70 Face Yoga Method poses, each designed to achieve a specific result for the different muscles of the face. It’s crucial to follow the step by step format of the Face Yoga Method because success is in the details.

This is also true for your results. 

We see ourselves every day, multiple times per day, and this makes noticing changes harder to catch. It’s not the same as going down a pant size or being able to run a faster mile- the changes from Face Yoga are best measured with photos. 

Don’t be surprised if people start reacting differently to you, too. As you brighten your face, you are also going to be brightening your mood and confidence and people are going to notice and want to be around you more too. 

Everyday we get feedback from Face Yogis saying that it was seeing their before and after photos side by side that showed them even more changes taking place than they had noticed. 

Before and after photos of a woman practicing face yoga. Looking straight at the camera.


Even with a perfect Face Yoga practice, some people still see wrinkles. The most common reason is almost always due to their unconscious aging habits. Face Yoga can undo wrinkles and sagging skin, but the best results come once our most-aging habits are addressed and corrected. (Want to know what unconscious habits are aging you? Take this FREE quiz!

A woman with long dark hair and blue cotton shirt sleeping on a velvet gray pillow.


Headaches, soreness, or swelling are NOT normal side-effects of Face Yoga and are signs that you are overdoing your routines or are doing them wrong. In fact, Face Yoga should reduce headaches and swelling when done properly. On average, 12 minutes a day is a good amount of time for a full-face routine time. 

Always be sure to stay hydrated, listen to your body, and follow the recommended repetitions and timing outlined in each Face Yoga Method routine and program. 

A woman with a turban sitting on the window and looking in the distance while holding a white coffee mug.


The glue that holds all of this together is your support system! Every day men and women are taking back their beauty, embracing their age and joining us in the Pro-Age Revolution. When we share our insecurities it allows us to turn them into our greatest strengths, and with thousands of other Face Yogis there to remind you of how beautiful you truly are, you cannot go wrong! 

A group of people in exercising clothes with towel turbans and facial masks laughing and posing for a photo.


Confidence that looks like this: 

Want to look and feel this great?! Now that you know the tricks to proper Face Yoga practice, try it for yourself! 

The Face Yoga Method is your expert-crafted, one stop foolproof program. Our best-selling programs combine proven Face Yoga Method poses, lifestyle suggestions, tools, and personalized support to ensure your success.  See why the Face Yoga Method is the industry-leader with millions of followers and thousands of happy faces… 

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