4 Dream Killers Keeping You From The Life You Could Have

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Chasing your dreams has turned into a taboo in modern culture. We grow up with everyone telling us to pursue our deepest desires, only to be judged if that dream and passion doesn’t line up with what is already out there and known.  When I started presenting the Face Yoga Method in Japan, I was laughed at and friends would …

Our Face Yoga Method Teacher Certification Pledge Of Success

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As the success of the Face Yoga Method expands into new regions, communities, and networks, you might soon come across some other teachers and “Face Yoga” in your day-to-day.  While these other teachings may look similar to our proven Method — there’s a clear differentiation between them and us.  But how are you to spot the difference? What makes us …

How To MASTER Face Yoga & Teach Like Fumiko

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We all start somewhere.  Having the confidence to step out into crowds, go in front of a camera and present yourself to millions, and starting from nothing is hardest at the beginning — and anyone who says otherwise is lying.  But what’s even harder, is ignoring the voice inside, the voice of your passion, as you continue to sit in …

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5 Ways Teaching Face Yoga Can Bring You More Business

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“You can make a living doing that?!” I’ll never forget the early days of my career when no one took me seriously. Sure, they saw changes on my face, sure they could understand that our facial muscles can be sculpted too… But what they failed to see was my potential and the mass-scale revolution brewing in my mind. Starting a …

How to Create Your Legacy Fumiko

How To Create Your Legacy And Make An Impact

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I’m in my early 50’s, and it’s a season where you start to think about what legacy you want to leave behind – what seeds you want to plant in your memory – the impact you (and only you) can have on this planet. Everything we’ve done led us to this moment.   I’m sure you’ve been through hardships and times …

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How To Empower Yourself For A Lifetime

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My success as a Face Yoga Teacher started long before the Face Yoga Method even existed… It started when I realized that to empower yourself, you don’t need anyone else but your own will. This is my story about breaking barriers and doing what I love while living a life of freedom, happiness, and success.  When I was a school teacher …

How She Sets Herself Apart As A Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher

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For Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher, Viktorija, her certification was “a first step for me to get out there, to follow my dreams, my goals, my passion.”  In 2019 she received her first interview request about eating Raw and a healthy lifestyle. Then life snowballed for Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher, Viktorija when “some journalist wanted to know more about …

How This Single Mom Supports Her Family 100% With Face Yoga

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You’ve taken the leap, invested in yourself, and have just started a brand new self-run business when life hits you – hard…. This is the make-it-or-break-it moment Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher, Susanne Dyhr encountered shortly after Graduating the TCC. She was throttled into the position of single-mom with sons to support out of the blue. “Shortly after I launched …

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Dive Deeper & Discover What This Practice Can Do For You

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Never has it been more clear to me that it is our mindset, ambitions, and dedication that cause a chain reaction in our lives.  You see, this week was the first time ever that our Teacher Certification Course sold out, what’s more, it happened weeks before the course even begins!  And while I’m not surprised that it filled up, I …

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I’m Not Perfect and I’m Still a Great Teacher

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Do you believe you have to be perfect to be worthy of teaching others? Do you think your face needs to be “perfect” and blemish-free to be a Face Yoga teacher?  Or that you need a “perfect” business plan to be a successful business owner? Or that you need to shout on the mountain tops when you reach another birthday, …