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Back Pocket Guide To The Face Yoga Method

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We’re consistently trying to simplify every area of our life, including how we consume content, and even how we make holistic changes in our lives.  It’s not a secret that decluttering your physical space plays a huge role in the way you feel. We have Marie Kondo to thank for that. But when it comes to your Face Yoga Practice, …

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Face Yoga & Botox: What You Should Know

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Yes, the rumors are true! Face Yoga IS a 100% NATURAL alternative to botox cosmetic procedures, that delivers longer-lasting, beautiful results! But, if you’ve already gone the cosmetic procedure route, you may be wondering if your Face Yoga results will look the same… Today we’re going to show you the PROVEN Method that’s already helped thousands of men and women …

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A Look Inside Affiliate Marketing

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It’s one of the most rapidly-expanding marketing tools and one of the easiest ways to boost your revenue stream and build rapport. Yep, today we’re talking about Affiliate Partnerships and how YOU can join our global Pro-Aging Revolution!  WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING The Affiliate world is rapidly expanding, and with good reason! People are using this trend to spread the …

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Overcoming The 3 Big Excuses

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“Sounds nice…But I don’t have the time.” It’ll come as no surprise to you that this is one of the biggest excuses and traps we set for ourselves when doing one of two things: 1: Trying something new2: Doing something for ourselves Listen, I completely understand and value that time is our most precious resource, because here’s the thing — …

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How Quarantine Derailed My Life (and the secret to getting it back)

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Routine is crucial to holistic wellness, and nothing made this more abundantly clear than the global COVID-19 pandemic.  Our lives took a 180 degree turn overnight.  My daughter was home with us from school, and like most mothers, I was thrust into a role of parent, nurse, teacher, caregiver, wife, friend, CEO, cook, and housekeeper –  in an instant. And …

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What You Need To Know About Face Yoga

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If you’ve been wondering IF FACIAL EXERCISES REALLY WORK or looking for tips on getting you started and creating a daily practice – you’re in the right place.  The Face Yoga Method is a blend of yoga-like body postures and facial exercises that improve your appearance and sense of well-being. Face Yoga consists of facial exercises that tone the muscles …

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A Look Inside The Best-Selling Face Yoga Method Program

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“I’m delighted with my first Bootcamp results on the outside but super amazed at my spiritual transformation. So grateful to Fumiko and her team. I’m inspired to continue with this lifestyle. PS… I’ve found a new “family” – the FaceYogaMethod family” Change Your Face — Change Your Life If we told you that you could gain all of the face-firming, …