I can pretty much tell a person’s age, lifestyle and how they sleep at night when I look at his or her neck. The neck can show your age more than you think. Have you ever had the experience of staying in a hotel where you could not sleep well at night? Or you woke up on the morning with a stiff neck? Have you ever noticed a lot of wrinkles on your neck in the morning? Well, if the answer is yes, lets have some “pillow” talk !

The Scary Truth About Your Pillow

Many of us sleep at night with a pillow, right? Many of us sleep at least 5 hours a night, right? So if you use a pillow that is not perfect for your neck, your neck has been in an imperfect position for at least 5 hours a night! That means 35 hours a week, 1050 hours a month! The “bad” pillow gives your neck more wrinkles andgives you less of a good nights sleep.

The “right” pillow does not give your neck wrinkles and it gives you a better nights sleep, too!Let’s find out the perfect pillow in this weeks’ video.