The Simplest And Shortest Cut To A Flat Tummy

Yes, having a baby can change your figure. Aging can change your body shape. Not enough exercise can make your tummy round. So what can we do?

100 daily sit ups? Diet? Rush to the gym? Yes, they can work for sure! But if you are one of those busy people who doesn’t have a lot of time for exercise (but still want a flat tummy), why not add a simple exercise to your lifestyle?

This pelvic exercise can:

1) flatten your tummy
2) prevent and reduce lower back pain
3) induce healthy bowel movement

The Pelvic Walk Exercise
Sit tall.
Legs straight.
Feet together.
Interlace fingers together and arms are parallel to the floor.
Without bending the knees, move your pelvis using the arm and also move your body forward.
Breathe in and out vigorously from your mouth.
Move 10 seconds forward, move 10 seconds backward.
Repeat for 60 seconds.

All good for your health and body!

Have fun with the exercise and you will see and feel the difference in a week (I am sure your flat tummy will thank you 😊 ).

Now it’s your turn, let me know your results in the comments below.

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