There was a time I was so obsessed with my nose. I wanted to have a smooth, poreless nose. I did not want to see black heads on my nose.I have tried all of the pore cleaning products for the nose and the facial treatments at the spa to clean your pores. Until I found out about this secret, it was a constant battle. Until I found out about the magic of baking soda, I was constantly looking for the products for the nose.Yes, baking soda from the kitchen works great to clear your pores, especially on the nose area! It also clears and brightens your skin complexion.  Why not try it?

The Minimalist Guide To Clearing Your Pores 

All you need is a box of baking soda from the kitchen which most of us have already. Just add some water and you are ready to go!  It can’t get simpler that this, right? This home made cleanser is great for many reasons.

  • It is easy to make
  • It is safe for your skin
  • It is economical
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It works instantly

Since baking soda is alkaline, you want to neutralize your skin after using baking soda on your face. For that purpose, I recommend green tea since green tea is acidic.  Enjoy your facial treatment from the kitchen!

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