3 Skin Care Challenges We All Face

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Ever wish you had a magic playbook to follow when life throws you challenges?  I definitely have! I’ve faced three significant skin care challenges in my life where I had to “trial-and-error” my way to success. The first was in my adolescence when I had acne, and what I thought was overactive oily skin. I was self-conscious of my skin’s …

Learn This 1-ingredient Skin Care Hack All Face Yogis Adore!

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What if we told you there’s an easy way to boost your mood and improve your complexion EVERY SINGLE DAY, with one easy trick?  This signature Face Yoga Method skin care hack you’re about to learn is a favorite among our Yogis (and, with good reason)! It’s an instant energy boost mixed with a healthy glow! If you’re a seasoned …

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Q&A: Autumn and Dry Weather Skin Care

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The fall season is upon us! While fall represents a time of all things pumpkin spice, colorful leaves, sweater weather, and transformation, it’s also time to start thinking about fall skin care, and seasonal tips for healthy habits and hydration in preparation for the weather ahead.  Dry weather, heat, and those oh-so-cosy fireside evenings can lead to dry, flaky, red …

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Psoriasis Awareness: What You Should Know About The Disease

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Last month was Psoriasis Awareness Month and we want. to help spread awareness about this disease that impacts millions of people. In the United States, 8 million people have the disease and around the world, over 125 million people have it. While psoriasis is largely associated with inflamed patches of red skin, this disease isn’t solely a skin condition. A …

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Why I Created A Signature Skincare Line

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Face Yoga Poses are the foundation of my business, but the more time I spent helping women achieve results, the more I realized there’s a shortcut.  Hydration is key when doing Face Yoga and that means both inside and out. So a high-quality skin superfood and hydrator was high on my list. But the problem was I just couldn’t find …

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3 Things You Should Always Do After Face Yoga

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I often talk about the importance of doing certain things BEFORE you practice Face Yoga. Great habits that will boost benefits like, applying moisturizer, stretching and maintaining a healthy diet. But there are also things you can do AFTER you practice Face Yoga to help you get the MOST BENEFIT out of the poses! Here are the top 3 things …

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How To Glow On The Go!

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As our tribe of Face Yogis grows it’s incredible to watch the shift happen globally from feeling “stuck” and disconnected, to feel supported and radiant about the way you look! Once you begin seeing and feeling these changes for yourself, you can’t help but spread your glow! “4 days [in] and have to say already that i see the difference …

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Don’t Just Be A Light, Be A Lighthouse

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“Face Yoga Method is not only about improving your appearance. It is about finding love for yourself, as you are and helping others see their inner beauty as you do! … This is why I have created my boutique skin care line. I wanted to make it easy for you to access products that not only work but are created …

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Introducing The NEW 100% Pure Oxygen Plasma

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I would like to announce our newest addition to the Face Yoga Method line, the 100% Pure Oxygen Plasma serum! Its main power is transporting huge volumes of oxygen to tissues and triggers formation of collagen and elastin for healthier and younger looking skin! *Guest blog post by Maria, Fumiko’s sister in law and business partner. Do you remember years …