How to Create Your Legacy Fumiko

How To Create Your Legacy

I’m in my early 50’s, and it’s a season where you start to think about what legacy you want to leave behind – what seeds you want to plant in your memory – the impact you (and only you) can have on this planet.

Everything we’ve done led us to this moment.  

I’m sure you’ve been through hardships and times of low self-esteem that left an imprint on your life, too. Without these formative events, I am 100% certain I wouldn’t have become the founder of the Face Yoga Method or be here to show you how you can empower yourself and heal yourself naturally with just a shift in mantra and Method. 

My mess became my message. 

Believe me, my life has been far from perfect. Some days flow gracefully and other times I’m blown about like a ship that’s lost its sails.

I’ve taught you a lot so far on this journey we’ve had together. But, I know that you’ve got more in you. More to give, more to receive, more to learn, and more to grow. 

The season of life that you’re in is for living fully. Now it’s time to level up your experience and create a legacy. 

I’m challenging the idea of  “the golden years”. It’s no longer a time of rest and reflection- but instead it’s the prime time to have a lasting impact. 

You have more to give, more to learn and more impact to create.

Use this valuable period when you have the most resources, time, and focus to leave an impression in the world. Impact like you’ve never made before. 

This opportunity is not for everyone; you’ve gotta want it. 

We’re entering a period we’ve longed and fought for, one where age is celebrated, not criticized, where women can be self-made entrepreneurs at 40, 50, 60, and beyond and where the wisdom that comes with age is respected and admired. It’s time to use our years to our utmost advantage and claim our birthright of positive impact. 

I’m asking you to push yourself to become more than you ever thought you could be and I’m calling on all my go-getters, my self-made dreamers, my die-hard Face Yogis who live, breathe and love the FYM lifestyle. 

You’ve felt for yourself in this community, the momentum of the Pro-Age revolution. It’s never been stronger and our reach is limitless.

If you’re ready to go deep in your learning with Face Yoga and be taken under my wing for the rest of 2020, here’s your chance. 

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On Saturday, March 28th, I’m pulling back the curtain behind my success and giving you my proven framework to create the life of freedom you deserve and how you can create your legacy in 2020.