How To Supercharge Your Life With Positivity

“A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.” – Mahatma Gandhi

We all know those people who just seem to beam light and positive energy.  I too have a friend like this, and once I asked her how she’s so positive all the time. I wanted to know where she finds her energy, no matter the circumstance. Her advice was so humbling, she said, “We are all here for a visit, might as well enjoy it!”

This stopped me mid-thought. How simple and true, and what a great way to look beyond the stress of day to day life. Her words shifted my actions right then and there and it got me thinking about how we can supercharge our life with positivity through this Method. 

Here’s a simple guide for supercharging your life with positivity, and how you can pass it on! 

1. Start With Your Own Happiness

We are the keepers of our own happiness, and we also must be the protectors of it. If you want to be a person who attracts other people and makes them feel so happy whenever they are with you, you must START WITH YOUR OWN HAPPINESS. We cannot let events affect our internal glow and happiness, because it has a chain reaction. 

Stress, anxiety, and fatigue have powerful repercussions on our mindset, so it’s important to do a few things to set yourself up for a positive day. Positivity-inducing actions to try today include: 

  • Get Enough Sleep 
  • Fuel your body by eating fresh, whole foods and drinking lots of (hot) water
  • Limit media intake and screen time 
  • Move your body 
  • Get outside for at least 10 minutes a day, ideally in the morning. 

2. The Mind-Body Connection

We are all looking to find that vivacious, young version of ourselves. As you practice this Method, I encourage you to hold on to your positivity and the child inside, with everything you’ve got! 

Do your best to tune-in and catch yourself before you spiral down a not-so-pleasant path. If you aren’t feeling your best in the morning, change your situation. Try meditation or moving your body until you feel happier. After I became a mother, I realized I needed to shift from night-owl to morning-person to create more peace and grace in my day. Ask yourself, where can I find a few minutes a day to focus on my positive thinking?

Furthermore, our mental health plays a role in our physical health and our immunity. Negative thoughts and feelings exhaust and deteriorate our hormones and can even cause physical illness. Alternatively, thinking positive thoughts, like gratitude, can lead to improved health.

Feeling sluggish? 

Try these 5 Tibetain Movements To Boost Your Energy Now: 

3. Don’t just be the light, be the LIGHTHOUSE. 

Once we have found how to tap into our personal well of positivity, then we can open ourselves to hold space for others, but never before. 

Start by training your mind to see the positive and the abundance of joy around us. Once you open your mind to the bright side, serendipity will take the wheel and…

  • People will open up to you. 
  • Stability will present itself. 
  • Worries will fade.
  • Your dreams will begin to become reality. 

If you try looking for the silver linings in every experience, then you’ll open the door to SUPERCHARGING YOUR LIFE WITH POSITIVITY!  

“There was a moment in boot camp where I did what is called “the instant pick me up” where you say “I love myself and my life is perfect”. In the beginning it was hard for me to say it. And by the end it felt like the light switch got turned on inside.. I’m so happy!” ~ Julia A.

4. Believe It 

There’s a huge energetic difference between thinking something is true, and believing in it.  Our beliefs and the mantras we hear in our head, shape our reality. Depending on how we see things, how we receive and perceive them, these factors will change our energy.

Seeing is believing! The video below is all about How to Supercharge Your Life with Positivity: 

5. Live It 

When setting the intention to live a more-positive lifestyle, it’s important to practice what you preach. The Face Yoga Method is a great way to boost your energy, look fresh, and feel younger, but you can go deeper too.

I know it can be hard to take up these new actions and thoughts, and to know how to incorporate them into your daily routine. But if you’re ready to go beyond the physical results of Face Yoga, and enter into the mind-body-face impact of this Method, I have an exclusive private program: The Face Yogi Insiders Club. 

Right now is a trying time for many and I feel a strong calling to help you make the most of this unique time in history and to serve you best I know how. So, I’m offering a FREE 30-day trial of the Face Yogi Insiders Club to help you Supercharge Your Life With Positivity! 

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