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5 Great Reasons To Teach Face Yoga

It’s inspiring to see more and more people gravitating towards a natural and holistic lifestyle. When it comes to wrinkle reduction, sure, the words “botox, fillers, and collagen” still cross our lips –  but thanks to this movement you and I are part of, more and more people are taking back their power and learning how they can look and feel years younger 100% naturally, without “the knife”!

Once a year I reach out to the growing community of Face Yogis and seek an elite group who is ready to become a Face Yoga leader alongside me in the pro-age revolution!

I look for women (and men hi, Ross!!) who are on the same mission as I am: to Change Your Face, and Change Your Life!


Because this has always been about you!

The Face Yoga Method mission and culture is being heard worldwide and it’s the perfect time to teach in your community too! People are hungry for this method and it seems like every day there’s a new celebrity, news station, or article about Face Yoga coming out.


We asked our graduates and Certified Face Yoga Teachers the top benefits they received from the course and their certification. Some were stay-at-home moms, many were transitioning from their steady 9-5 jobs or corporate work, and the majority never had any business ownership experience, but collectively these were the benefits they all experienced:   

#1 Differentiate Themselves From The Crowd

Face Yoga is an offering many potential clients haven’t experienced before. This is a bulletproof and built-in way graduates have been able to separate themselves from the crowd, add value to their client relationships, and charge more for it!

#2 Create More Value 

Graduates are finding countless ways to add Face Yoga to their offering, while significantly boosting their income by adding more value to their customers. The best part about Face Yoga is that it works for EVERYONE so there is no client that they cannot use this Method with! 

 #3 Access To Best Business Tools 

With over 20 hours of top business education built into our course, TCC students had everything they needed to hit the ground running post-certification. Plus, this course has an incorporated Marketing Module which showed them step-by-step how to build a business from the ground up and the secrets of advertising their offer in their market.

#4 Unlock The Global Certified Face Yoga Teacher Network

Once graduated, they became part of the built-in international network of Certified Face Yoga Teachers that they are able to share business advice with, pull promotional ideas from and collaborate with on a regular basis.

#5 Become Part Of The Pro-Aging Revolution

When they stepped into the role of a Face Yogi, and what’s more, a Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher, they stepped into a tribe which is paving the way for the pro-aging revolution. We are women who embrace our age, know that we are a priority and that we’re in control of our own thoughts and feelings around beauty.

If you’re feeling the call to dedicate yourself to something meaningful, something that you can do with passion and pride, something that will allow you to be in service to others while making an income then…

Register for the FREE online training where I am going to show you a step-by-step blueprint to MASTERING Face Yoga and how to TEACH IT to your community. And it’s all happening this Saturday, August 3rd, at 12pm PST!

In this training, I will reveal how YOU can master FACE YOGA, become part of the PRO-AGING revolution and build a successful Face Yoga BUSINESS in less than 6 months without having to leave your home!

During this training, you’re going to unlock the secrets behind:

  • How Practicing Targeted Facial Exercises Can Treat The Signs Of Premature Aging And Make You Glow From The Inside Out 100% Naturally
  • How To Master All 70 Face Yoga Poses And Teach Others How To Regain Control Of Their Face And Their Confidence 
  • How To Build A Successful Face Yoga Business And Have Clients Coming Back To You Again And Again

… And so much more (that I’ve NEVER shared before!)

Whether you want to work full-time, part-time, or if you’d like to teach Face Yoga as a hobby, it’s time to seize this opportunity — and I’m going to reveal the full scoop and tools you need to master Face Yoga and teach it successfully!

I can only host a LIMITED number of people for this FREE TRAINING, so I urge you to save your seat now, before it’s too late! Click on the link below:

Get ready for an hour of inspiration and to break past your beliefs of what you can do! It’s time to embrace your age and take a leap for freedom!

I can’t wait to see you on Saturday!!

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  1. Helllo.wery very thanks
    I want your students yogi.because my Face old .yet ı old erl tıme.but my Face old:(((
    Plase heılp me.ı
    Love you

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  2. Hi Fumiko, unfortunately I have already plans for Saturday and they can’t be altered. Is there another course at a different date?
    Thanks for all you do. You’re awesome.


    1. Post

      Hi Karin! This is a webinar to discuss the Teacher’s Certification Course, but if you have registered with your first name and email, then you will be sent a recording after it’s conclusion!

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  4. Would love to find oit more about teaching face yoga but I work on Saturday 3rd of August.
    Are there any more dates and times I could possibly join?
    I would also appreciate some info on cost and timeframe needed to achieve this qualification. Many thanks.

    1. Post

      Hi Elena! If you register for the webinar, you will automatically be sent a replay of it so you can watch it at a time most convenient for you! The answers to all of your questions will be answered there!

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  6. Iwasn’t anle to make it last STime aturday because i was travelling may i know if there is a replay so i can save the date thank you.

    I am now in the Philippines and I haven’t done my forehead area jumpstart how can i make it

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