The Best Way To Protect Your Skin From Sun During Winter

I could never have imagined that I would get so many compliments on my skin after my mid-forties! I turned 49 in October 2017 and literally, I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin. If you were wondering what my secret is, I’ll tell you that it’s not too complicated and it takes one simple thing – protect your skin from sun even during winter! In the post below, I will tell you the details!

I was so insecure about my skin when I was younger. I suffered from bad acne when I was in junior high school and I actually recall a friend of mine’s mother telling me that I was cute but my skin was so bad. What a harsh comment to say to a sensitive teenager! After graduating high school, I covered my skin with heavy makeup. Did I like the makeup? No! But I didn’t feel comfortable enough to go outside without it. It was not fun at all.

In addition, in my younger days I used to be exposed to sun a lot, especially in my thirties. I enjoyed being outdoors and worshiped the sun too much! I still love being outside, but now with this knowledge that I have, I can enjoy the winter sun without any worries (yes! even though you don’t feel the burning during winter because of the cold air, the harmful UV rays are still there ready to affect your skin).

I am happy and comfortable in my skin today and it’s because of my two secret weapons that keep my skin guarded from excess sun exposure: hats and sunscreen!

Hats As A Must-Have Protection From Winter Sun

If you have been following me for a while, you have already noticed that I wear hats all the time, all year round: summer, fall, winter and spring! I have almost as much as 20 hats, from very casual beanies, straw hats with different colors, to more elegant looking hats.

Let’s say it out loud – I LOVE HATS! I have more hats than shoes. I have more hats than pairs of socks.

A pile of hats in different colors. Best protection from sun during winter.

For me, hats have two purposes, practical purpose and fashion statement.

When I have a bad hair day I just put on a hat and I am ready to go out. But what is more important, hats are my favorite type of “sunscreen”! They make me feel so relaxed knowing that my skin is protected from sun, either in summer or winter. I have so many hats in different colors that I can pick them depending on the color of my clothes and also my mood. Yes, not only hats can turn my bad hair day into a good day, they can lift up my mood and confidence. They are like my hair piece, they are part of my outfit. Without them, I feel naked.

The Important Factors When Choosing The Best Sunscreen

Beside hats, what keeps me safe form UV rays’ exposure is sunscreen. BUT! you have to know that not every sun protection cream is good for your skin. Here are the most important tips to follow when choosing the best sunscreen for yourself:

  • Fragrance-free, paraben-free, sensitivity-free and non-comedogenic sunscreens that do not sting eyes (I have had enough share of very bad experience wearing sunscreens that made my eyes so teary!)
  • Lightweight, silky, protection creams that will make your face look good with or without makeup
  • UVA/UVB sun protection and at least SPF 20, or even higher.

Finally, re-apply sunscreen multiple times during the day, since one application is not enough to protect you for the whole day. And don’t forget that sunscreen is not something to put on only in the summer, but it’s just as important in winter too.