The Secret of Nose Reshaping

“Is it possible to change the shape of my nose?”
“Can you send me a pose to reshape my nose?”
I have received a lot of requests and questions for the nose area. Some people want to reshape or slim the nose and others want to make it bigger. In this video, I will show you some isometric exercise for the muscles around the nose area. This exercise can help to firm up the muscles around the nostrils and as a result, they can reshape, tone and narrow the nose area.

The Truth Most People Know But Many Do Not Follow

The change on the nose areas are not as dramatic or obvious as on the body or other parts of your face. You cannot expect overnight changes by doing the exercise once a week. Remember the nose is made of cartilage not muscle, so we can only work on the muscles around the nose.
You need patience.
You need to do the exercise daily.
You need to do the exercise diligently.
Then you will see the results.

It does not take long.All you need is less than 5 minutes. Are you too busy to take 5 minutes for yourself?

Do 3 sets of repetitions up to 5 repetitions. If you feel dizzy, stop the exercise and take a deep breath. Focus on the nose area and relax the rest. Do not wrinkle your forehead.

Take “Before” photos from many different angles. And “see” the results objectively in a few weeks!

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  1. Thanks, Fumiko! Just the other day I was searching for excise like this. Unfortunately, I didn’t come up with much.

      1. my nose is big and curls down I feel so ugly when I see people they look so nice and when I take pictures my nose is sooo big and I’m only 15

  2. Your exercises are so helpful,i even feel less stressed after doing this exercises. I would like to ask if this exrcise can help narrowing wide nose or is there any other exercise?

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  3. hi fumiko,im doing ur face yog daily but sometimes skip,still im hving good change in my face,thanks for ur help….

      1. hi,I hve been doing your nose reshaping exercise for one week but frm two days I hve stopped doing it my nose becme uneven the right nostril becme higher den the left n my nose becme wide frm front view wat shld i do i did sum mistake while doing exercise or wat plzz help me outtt after 3 months m going to be married plzzzz do replyy…

  4. Hey Fumiko, I have a question, i often stay long times on the computer just watching series, or watching movies on the tv, can i do this exercide without looking up ? Does it still work if i dont ?

  5. Hello fumiko is nose exercise really effective to slim nose and how is the nose right and nose magic are they fakes or effective.

  6. hey Fumiko!
    i tried this exercise and i really like it, but i wanna know if u could just help me out with an exercise which would slim the front broad portion of my nose ?

  7. Hi, I have become a big fan of u. Wanted to know whether this exercise will slim down my nose or it’ll make it fat? How can the same exercise work for both conditions? Plzreply.

  8. Fumiko i’ve been doing this exercise and it is great, but can u pls tell me is it bad to make this exercise longer and more often a day, if i spent more time making the exercise will it have a better efect?

  9. Hallo Fumiko!J would like to know how many time j should do nose exercise daily, 5 minutes just for the nose?thank you so much

  10. Hello Fumiko,i am yogesh. Iooked up your video about nose exercise,specifically to reshape on youtube. My nose has been damaged and it doesnt look ugly, but it has lost its original shape(swollen)…so does the exercise which you suggest help???Please write back…R

  11. Hi Fumiko, i havent got a flat nose i got a roman nose and i dont need to my my nose narrower i just need to make my tip of the nose higher . what should i do ? thanks

  12. Hi… I feel tht I hve a piggy nose.., my nostrils are visible frm the front side and my nose is in upward direction from the front.., but not vry much… would it be possible for me to bend down my nose a little

  13. I have no idea why this works, but ive been doing it for a week now and I swear to you the tip of my nose is higher. It looks like the downward motion is lengthening the sides of my nose and pulling down, thus making the tip “appear” higher? I have noooo idea, but it is working. This is the strangest thing.

  14. Dear Fumiko, is there any posibility to get rid of aquiline nose by practising facial yoga? I would appreciate alot ur answer, thanx for sharing ur knowledge with us, God bless u 🙂

  15. Hi- thanks for posting the exercise-:)

    I’ve come across your website recently, and I’ve tried it today for the first time, and I must be doing it wrong because I can’t feel any of those usual contracting sensations you can feel when doing an exercise… When you close your nostrils halfway do you hold them still while you breath, or are there movements when you press in the nostrils as they widen/exhale ?

  16. hi Fumiko! is there any slightest chance that this exercise will make straight nose bend? or will it just make the nose slim? i meant,no side effects, right? 🙂

  17. Hiiii…m a 17 yr old nose is a lil bit perfect..not so much.. bt I wanna perfect n make it small by natural method..plss Gmme sm I wanna it natural…

  18. make nose look smaller for there is best way to fix that just try to use nose right tool which is help you to make nose Sharpe and smaller without any surgery.

  19. Will this exercise help reducing the fat at the tip and a bit on the sides? I want to specifically focus on losing fat there. Can you help me? I have read your FYM. I am huge fan.

  20. Hi Fumiko! I have a question, does this exercise makes my nostrils thin or long sized, pointy? I already have pointy nose but my only problem is my nostrils because they’re flat. Curse this nostrils! If this exercise doesn’t change the nostril, maybe share something that you know or others know to achieve a thin, long sized, pointy nostrils. Please help me.
    The picture below is Sunny (Lee Sun Kyu) of SNSD. We both have very pointy nose but only my nostrils are different. I want a nostril like hers, pointy, thin, long sized, in vertical and slim especially not flat. Please do help me thank you!

  21. nose right great tool for make nose smaller without any surgery and make just only try to wear nose right tool.

  22. really ? is this working? may i try this exercise.. if this working i would not go on surgery.. I hate my nose…

  23. base in ur videos .. do this exercise 10 seconds in 3 sets everyday. what if i do it more than 3 sets everyday? its ok?

  24. Hey hi fumiko I have a flat and wide nose whic widens up more when I smile so plzzzz I request u to suggest me a ex cerise to get a Gud looking nose

  25. NoseRight tool work for me i am using that product for 2week and within 2week i got amazing result my nose looking so smaller now and perfect.

  26. Hey fumiko!
    If i do this exercise everyday three times how long will it take my nose to be thin??please reply.THANKS

  27. Hi Ms. Fumiko! I’m so worried about my nose because it is wide. 🙁 It is also very soft when pinch! both sides of my nostrils are wide and I can’t afford this 🙁 Is there a chance on this? You can email me …. thank you

  28. facethin tool is a good facial exerciser .I recommend others to exercise their facial muscles too, with these.I like it that is why I recommend it.

  29. Actually your nose and ears are the two parts of your body that never stop growing. People are assholes unfortunately. Try your best to ignore them. The only true way to control your nose try nose right tool which is help to control your nose growing. i heard about it from my doctor and he told me about that.

  30. i have not big nose but i have not perfectly straight nose i want to get straight nose can this exercise do my nose straight plz tell me

  31. i tired many products for make my face smaller but face thin is one of best way to make face smaller naturally without surgery.

  32. How I make my both chick equal
    Because my right side chick is going to be larger so I m in problem
    I don”t feel my nose in middle position what I do

  33. Would be far easier to get a rhinoplasy or something like that at a plastic surgeon which should last for rest of your life without doing these exercises, its expensive sure but far less hassle and you get results instantly.

  34. Very easiest way to make nose reshape without any facial exercises just try to use noseright tool which is help you to get smaller nose naturally

  35. Omg! This works! I’m African American and I find my nostril and nose canal to large. And it shows the most in photos. I’m only 20 so I was considering getting a nose job, but decided first to see if I could do this a more natural way. I found your instructions and tried this everyday and nose was already slimmer in a week. I’m going to add this to my everyday routine. Thank you so much.

  36. Omg! This works! I’m African American and I find my nostril and nose canal to large. And it shows the most in photos. I’m only 20 so I was considering getting a nose job, but decided first to see if I could do this a more natural way. I found your instructions and tried this everyday and nose was already slimmer in a week. I’m going to add this to my everyday routine. Thank you so much.

  37. Hey Fumiko ! thanks For Making This Video For Nose .. Please Reply Me … Is This Makes my Nose Tip Narrow??? Because It’s Bulbous Type… I Really Want Some Change … My nose Is Fine .. I Just Want To Workout The Tip Of My Nose And Want It To Become A Little Bit Pointier … And My Another Question Is That Is Subliminal Audios And Videos Are Good Or These Nose Exercises? Does Subliminals And Frequencies Are Bad For Your Mind Or I Just Simply Do This Exercise?? Hoping For Your Reply Thanks!!!

  38. What!
    If the exercise focuses on nosel muscles ,it’s gonna be increasing the amoun of blood flow to that area and muscles get pumped up with blood flow .
    The result is gonna be an even bigger nose …?????
    Any views guys?

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  41. nose right great tool for make nose smaller without any surgery and make just only try to wear nose right tool.

  42. I have thick and long nose.. smewat like parrot does and at the top its bulged up little
    i wanna make my nose look smaller
    could you please please help me with any such excercise or method of solution

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  44. I’ve been trying to find information on how to make my nose less sharp, less thin… make it gentler and look a little wider… do you know what I can do for this? Thanks!

  45. My wife has been complaining to me recently that she wants a smaller nose. We are thinking about going to see a plastic surgeon to see if they could help out, but we are not sure how much it is going to cost or if the surgery is worth it. I am glad to know that there are some natural things that you can do. Thanks for the advice!

    1. Hi Rakshanda,
      I have never heard of this method nor have I heard that this reaps results therefore I will not be able to advise.

    1. Hi Sam, since all Face Yoga Method exercises are low impact the exercises are safe to do at any age 🙂

  46. Wow your exercises are so helpful!
    I wanted to know does this excercise reshape the nose.. What does it mean if we talk about reshaping of a nose?
    Entire shape changes or certain changes?

  47. Hello mam, is this article about nose exercise is good for fatty nose ex.bulbous nose… Mam i want to say that Once time had started exercise for reshaping my nose but after some days later, i noticed day by day my nose going bigger than before. Now my nose is So fatty(Bulbous nose). So mam what should I have to do. Instead of making my nose smaller it’s now bigger. So mam please may i have to do this exercise for getting smaller nose or I have to try to learn from my mistake.. Please mam I am very disappointed. I can’t do anything outside due to My bigger nose. PLease mam look into this comment..

  48. Hi! I get lip fillers and was wondering if you think these exercises especially the ones you move your mouth would dissolve the fuller faster?

    1. Hi Sarah, we have yet to hear from our practitioners with lip fillers about negative effects of doing the mouth exercises.

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  49. Hi,I have a wide nose.That’s really wide for my face.It mars my features.
    I dont want to go for rhinoplasty really.
    Is there a way I can reduce and make it narrower?

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      Hi Meera,
      I recommend that you try this exercise for 3 to 5 reps and hold for 5 to 10 seconds, or 3 breathes. If you do it every day, there is no doubt you will see some results!

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