A Perfect “Snack” For Your Body And Mind
Have you ever wondered why you crave sugarSome of you may have tried to curb those cravings.  Ironically, the harder you try to kick a sugar habit, the more those cravings come back! Before I dive into not-so-healthy sweets and feel bad mentally and physically afterward, I eat “lemon slices with natural sweetener.”

The Quickest And Simplest Way To Add More Vitamin C Into Your Diet
Lemons are packed with flavor, but not calories.  The juice from one lemon has third of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C.  Vitamin C is essential for building collagen in the body! By eating honey lemon, you are not only satisfying your sweet teeth and stopping it from nagging you, you are taking more vitamin C into your body.  No more guilt but feel good and look good with honey lemon!

More Efficient Vitamin C And Antioxidant Fix: Take Whole Fruit Rather Than Supplements

I am a strong believer in nature. I believe whole foods provide more benefits than isolated nutrients from the supplement. Recent scientific studies show that high doses of single nutrients supplied by supplements may actually have detrimental effects on your health.  So if you can get a whole lemon (ideally organic. If not, peel the skin), why not use it rather than taking a supplement?

Eat a local, seasonal and balanced diet that will make you feel more healthy, alive and connected to mother nature!