I have been taking cold showers for a long time. It is not always fun but when it comes to the skin, there are some great benefits to a cold shower.

Benefits of a Cold Shower

1. Better Circulation
Warm water makes the blood rush to your skin, and cold water makes the blood rush to your organs, that means more oxygen flow and more nutrients in your body and face.

2. It Gives You Better Looking Skin & Hair
Warm water opens up your pores so it is good when you clean your face. Cold water closes your pores so it is a great way to end the face washing process, with closed pores. The same principle applies to your hair. Try to finish drying your hair with cool air, it closes the cuticles of your hair and makes your hair shinier.

3. It Makes you Feel Good
Washing your face with cold water will also give you mental benefits. Cold water helps to wake you up and make you more energized and it will lift you up from the inside out. If I really need a serious lift me up, I put some ice cubes in my water and splash my face with it! It does an amazing job.

How To Benefit From Cold Water Daily!
After washing your face with luke warm water, simply splash your face with cold water. If you wash your face with warm water, just remember to always finish it with cold water.
If you have dark circles under your eyes and your skin looks dull or you just want to add more rosiness on your face, cold water will work magic. This simple routine will give you a more radiant, healthy glow and younger looking skin.

Let me know your results in the comments below.