How To Get Rid of Under Eye Bags | Face Yoga Method

How To Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

How To Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

One of the most common questions I get is how to get rid of under the eye bags. In this video I will show you one of the funniest looking facial exercises but also the most effective in reducing wrinkles and bags under the eyes. This is called eye bag toner and it reduces and prevents wrinkles and bags under the eyes. When you do this pose make sure you don’t wrinkle the forehead.

Look straight ahead and open your mouth wide into an extended O shape. You should feel a stretch under the eyes.
Without moving your forehead look up with your eyes and hold for 5 seconds.
Do this pose for three sets.

This eye bag toner pose promotes great circulation in your face which means a better complexion.



    definitelly I’m going to try it! I’ve been doing some very basing face yoga exercises almost one year now and I noticed that my face look more relax, I don’t have wrinkles yet, but my problem was – looking tired face…so great that you put these exercises here for trying!

    • Fumiko Takatsu

      Glad you like the tips! As for the tired looking face, have you tried the “100 times splash wash” from my other video? Also face mask treatment is amazing! Try them and let me know how you like them :)

  • miss pe

    how many times can these steps be done … i m doing 3 to 4 times for about 6 minutes and happy with results

    • Fumiko Takatsu

      I do it a lot throughout the day. So you can do as often as you want. If you feel dryness around the eye area, however, make sure apply moisturizer before the exercise.
      So glad you like the pose and doing it everyday :)

      Let me know your progress!


  • Miss PE

    Hello Fumiko,

    I am elated to see your reply. And I am glad to find the progress in just 2nd day. My face has got a good lift. My forehead wrinkles( are hereditary) have reduced lot. Eyes bags ..ur tips making wonder. Lips therapy worked well, now i have am seeing pink lips….

    I wanted to ask you if there is any way to make nasal area thinner..

    I loved your site and the effort made by you to lighten up lives of innumerable followers..
    grt job..

    • Fumiko Takatsu

      Glad to hear that!! It is great that you see the results in just 2 days. Yes, face exercise can do a magic.

      As for the nesolabial folds, go to these.

      In fact, you can see all the exercises on the areas you want to work on the right side of this page “Categories”

      Check them out!


  • Shraddha

    Thanks a lot for this….my problem is that my face skin is a bit loose…please tell me what should I do to make my face skin firm and make it more tonned..!!!thanks

    • Fumiko Takatsu

      Well, I will make a video on that! So please stay tuned! Until then, keep practicing other exercises. Like a body exercise, it is good to keep your routine!

  • Urvi Shah

    i have got swollen upper eye lid since 4 years of wearing contact lenses. altho i have undergone lasik surgery and got rid of my glasses but still the bulge that is similar to puffy eyes doesnt go. that eye also is not symmetrical to my other eye. please help!

    • Fumiko Takatsu

      Dear Urvi,

      We appreciate you writing in. Fumiko receives hundreds of questions every month and we do our best to answer them all but that isn’t always possible.

      In regards to your question about puffy eyes, Please take a look at this blog post

      I hope this helps.



  • Shehzeen Manji

    Does it help with the existing eyebags?! I’m 24 and they are really severe. How many times a day I should do this workout and in how many days will I see the result?! Thanks you

  • hemu kumar

    Hello Fumiko, thanks for wonderful and amazing eyes exercise . this exercise is a complete package of removing dark circles, crowfeet, and fine lines. Now I m free form dark circles and fine lines after doing this exercise.its worked on me. Daily 2 mints, i did and within a week free from all problems.

  • Candice

    Hi, is it ok to wash face after doing the yoga? or would a 30 min. rest before washing or taking a bath is ok after the yoga? If I’m doing it many times a day, can I over do it? Is there an overdosage of the yoga, lol!

  • mayora

    Try Made from Earth’s Cucumber Cool Gel – I left it on for only 3 minutes all around my eyes. Immediately I could see that the skin around my eyes looked moisturized, the lines had lessened, and I was no longer puffy. I will definitely keep using it.

  • özlem

    I cant do this whıtout wrinking the forehead. Is there any easy way to do it

  • Eva Gadd

    Hi Fumiko,
    I only get eye bags when I smile, does this exercise work for to get rid of them?

  • sarah

    Hey Fumiko! I have just come across this and it seems like it really does work! I did try doing this for two days however it did not work but I realised I had been sleeping really late, does that prevent it from working also?