I get asked all the time how to reduce forehead wrinkles.  We all use our forehead everyday, often without even realizing it.  We frown, furrow the brow and squint.  All of these repetitive movements build up creases and wrinkles over time.  The key is to be aware of how you move your forehead muscles and to retrain your muscle movement.  Most of our forehead movements are just natural reflexes and we don’t even know we are causing wrinkles.  In this video I am going to show you an acupressure technique that helps to reduce lines in the forehead.

This is a great exercise to do before going to bed.  You can relax your muscles right before you sleep and it makes you more conscious of your forehead movements.  Your forehead carries stress and tension throughout the day.   Make a fist with both hands and place your index and middle finger knuckles at the center of your forehead.  Breath in and apply pressure and move out from the center to the side, breath out.  Repeat this from the center to the side at least 3 times.

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