A picture of a female's arm parallel to the floor and touching wall with the whole hand.

Routine Exercises For Toned, Sculpted and Strong Arms

Having toned, sculpted, and strong arms are for more than just showing off, and in the text below, I offer a couple of exercises for this part of your body.

There are many reasons for having strong arms – to lift objects, move things, protect you from possible injury, and more.

Dumbbell curls, the forearm plank, and yoga work great. You will also be able to find great machines at the gym that specifically target the arms for a good workout. But when you don’t have the time to change or go to the gym (not to mention get on the floor), here is a very simple routine you can try at home. It takes less than 10 minutes of your time without any additional equipment. All you need is a “wall” and a “chair.”

The best part of this routine is that you can do it at home using your own body weight, which makes it much safer than many of the other exercises you might do.

So, no more excuses for you or for me; in fact, I do this routine while I am waiting for my water to boil when I’m cooking, my dryer to stop when I’m doing laundry, and even while I’m brushing my teeth in the bathroom! (well, not the last position but the first two, I can do with my toothbrush in my mouth.)

If you do these all in sequences a couple of times each week (even if you only do it once a week), you will start to see and feel the changes.

Get toned, sculpted and feel strong, your arms will be grateful for these exercises!

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