Warning: Oily Skin!?

I always thought my skin was oily. I used to use the “oil free” or “for oily skin” face products. I tried to cut “oil” from my life.  As I mentioned before, I was born and raised in Japan. Summer in Japan is very humid and my oily skin was suffering from the humidity.

Long before I created my Face Yoga practice, I had very bad skin with acne around my jawline due to stress. All the over the counter products did not work and I was miserable inside and out. I had to wash my face a couple of times a day so that I did not look like somebody who had not had a shower for a few days! I was desperate to find a cure for my oily face.

How I Ended Oily Skin

A friend of mine introduced me to her cousin’s wife who had her own facial business at home. I decided to try it out as my friend strongly recommended her. I still remember very vividly the day I visited her. It was a hot summer day. Her treatment room was very comfortable. She had traveled all over the world and her room was a byproduct of her experience. I liked her taste.

Her treatment was expensive; almost double the price I was used to paying at other facial salons. After the treatment, she served me a hot ginger tea. That was a very hot day and she as serving hot tea? I was surprised at first but she encouraged me to try and explained the benefit of hot tea with ginger. Basically, it promotes circulation.  Surprisingly, it did not make me sweat. It made me energized from very deep inside and I felt so relaxed at the same time. That was a magic moment.

A  Little Known Factor That Could Affect Your Skin

She told me that my skin was “very thirsty”  and that was one of the reasons that it was oily. She advised me to use more moisturizer and then seal my skin with cream or oil so that the skin did not need to produce excess oil to protect its surface.

I was avoiding using creams and oils since I thought I had too much natural oil on my skin. I was shocked to find out that I was doing something wrong!

To make a long story short, after only one treatment, my acne was gone. I took her advice; started drinking hot ginger tea and started using a lot of moisturizer. Surprisingly, my oily skin was gone! It changed my skin condition dramatically.

After this experience, I have met so many people who think they have oily skin. I have been telling them the same thing that I was told long time ago. Apply more moisturizer throughout the day and keep hydrating the skin. Many of them have reported the changes of their skin condition.

Do It Often

I live in Sacramento, California. Summer in Sacramento is very hot and dry. It does not feel bad since the humidity is not high like summers in Japan, but it is not good for your skin. The skin gets “thirsty” and needs more moisture and needs to be more hydrated than you think. I apply moisturizer as often as possible throughout the day and then seal the skin with cream. I do this process sometimes 2-3 times a day depending on the condition of the skin. It takes only a minute or two but the result is amazing! Your skin gets well hydrated, feels fresh and wrinkles gets less visible right away!

If you think your skin is oily and you have been having the same problem I had before, try to apply moisturizer more often, ideally a couple of times a day and drink hot water with ginger if you can.  Watch what happens.

Please try this and let me know how your skin condition improves.