I know many of you are wondering if the Face Yoga Method really works when you see the funny faces you have to practice. Believe me, I felt the same way! When I started creating the poses for myself, I was simply interested in my own face. I just wanted to look younger and better. I was teaching communication at a famous university in Tokyo, Japan and I loved my job. I was not really planning on sharing my poses with anybody because part of me wanted to keep it as a beauty secret. But many people started noticing the changes in my face and that led to my career change. I left my teaching position, got married and moved to California.  In retrospect, the Face Yoga Method not only changed my face, it changed my life.

The Painful Birth of the Face Yoga Method

When I started doing face exercises in Japan back in 2005, there was nobody practicing Face Yoga. Now I have 5 certified Face Yoga Method instructors in Japan and the US. Five years ago I could never imagine what I am doing now.

To make a long story short, synchronicity came into play and I published my first book on Face Yoga back in 2006. The book sold well in Japan and was then translated into Chinese, Korean, and Thai. Since the exercises had such a visual impact (some of the poses look absolutely funny and strange!) I received a lot of public attention that I was not ready for. I was asked to be on many comedy type shows. Can you imagine appearing on TV screen with a funny face!? I did not like that.When the show was more serious, I was asked to present the “scientific data” on the exercises. Even though the producers were convinced, the Before/After photos were obvious, and I had seen so many transformations of the faces of my students and myself, I needed some scientific data.

The Truth and Science behind the Face Yoga Method

I had a chance to take Before/After photos of the Face Yoga exercises using a thermography camera. The thermal imaging camera made it possible to show the amount of radiation sent out by the face yoga students. After 3 sets of 10 seconds of this pose, we could see the increases in temperature on their faces! See the thermal imaging camera photos here. The warm parts of the face stand out well against cooler parts of the face. Finally I had a scientific approach that proved that the face yoga exercises have physical benefits!

Better Circulation = Younger Looking Face

Don’t you feel more alive, happy and positive after a great laugh or talk with your friends? There is a mental aspect of it, of course, but when you laugh hard and talk a lot, you are breathing more air into your body and the oxygen flow gets increased.  The sigh, on the other hand does not really increase your oxygen flow. More oxygen flow means more nutrients in your body and you can see the benefit of it on the skin. The same thing applies to your face. More oxygen flow on your face means more radiant, youthful looking skin. So how you can increase the oxygen flow on your face?

Almost everybody knows the mental and physical benefit of body exercise. Exercise improves your mood and energy and posture. Exercise tones the body and helps your body to be strong, flexible, and lean. If you do not exercise, your body gets weaker and flabby. Exercise increases the oxygen flow. The same thing applies to your face.

Do you think you are convinced enough to practice/continues the Face Yoga Method? The exercises do not take long but it requires some faith. If you are still not sure about the Face Yoga exercises, please let me know. I am happy to share more real stories with you!