Fumiko Takatsu showing how to get rid of frown lines with two spoons

3 Simple Tricks To Get Rid Of Frown Lines (AKA Number 11 Lines)

Fumiko Takatsu Face Yoga Exercises for the Forehead Area 12 Comments

Frown lines, also called “11 lines”, can age you considerably. Definitely something you don’t want to have. Botox, fillers and/or chemical peels are quick ways to get rid of “11 lines”. However, these procedures are expensive and not always safe.

I was very shocked the other day when I was driving home from my daughter’s school.  I stopped at the stop sign, and noticed the lady behind my car had very serious frown on her face.  I do not know if she was simply stressed or it was just her habit but she did not look happy at all. After that incident, I started paying more attention to people’s faces, especially to the area between the eyebrows.  Surprisingly, so many people frown while driving!


  1. Keep the skin between your eyebrows moisturized. Many of us forget to apply moisturizer between the eyes!
  2. Wear sunglasses! One of the reasons we develop frown lines is repetitive movements, especially squinting. Wear sunglasses especially on bright days.  Sunglasses not only protect your eyes but dramatically help you relax the area between the eyes.
  3. Relax the skin and muscles between eyebrows by massaging.

In this video, I will show you how to relax the skin in the area where frown lines happen and also the muscles under it using spoons.

When the muscles are relaxed, the lines will soften, become less obvious and you will look happier too!

You can combine this exercise with my other exercises for the maximum results. Read more in the blog posts listed below!


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    1. Yes there’s a way. While you sleep. To reduce the frown lines while you sleep. The farm act sale some type of special tape you can put between the eyebrows right after to you the exercise and go to bed.

    2. Betty: I just now saw your post, but I do the SAME THING!! Frown while sleeping! And it’s getting worse!! It’s so aggravating!! I’ve YET to discover a way to stop doing it!!

  1. Hey! I have a problem. I have these sort of “cheek lines”. There are two lines on both siden of my face, and they start where the nose ends. How can I get rid of them?

  2. Seriously, asians have amazing skin to begin with. This lady could be 30 or 60 no way of telling. She has amazing skin..from her genetics. Either way Im gonna get my spoons oiled up. It really cant hurt can it.

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