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How One Woman’s Face Yoga Journey Transformed the Face of Her Career

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Meet Marie-Reine, a Face Yogi and a Face Yoga Method teacher, whose reality until recently was an office-bound life. Today, with a contagious smile, she is sharing her story about being courageous enough to move away from a 25-year corporate life and pursue her passion. This is a story about how Face Yoga transformed one women’s career and life. 

A Change Inspired by the Face Yoga Method Philosophy

One day while on Facebook, Marie-Reine stumbled upon the Face Yoga Method. As an avid yogi, Marie-Reine instantly resonated with the connection between breath, mind, body, and face. She then did what few people do – stopped scrolling and idly going through her day and decided that it was time for change.

What she heard was her inner voice telling her to pursue a path which could “help women get closer to their own body and soul. Rediscover who they are [and] teach them to be more respectful of their bodies.”

Marie-Reine’s Personal Business

After learning about Face Yoga Method, Marie-Reine went through the 6-Week Face Toning Bootcamp and dove into her own personal Face Yoga practice. Then naturally ascended to enroll in the Face Yoga Method Teacher Certification course to share this work with others.

It was this passion that shaped her Face Yoga business name, Face Yoga Passion, and now encourages Marie-Reine to take her business to the next level.

Marie-Reine describes what being successful means for her:

“Feeling that I am at the right place for me. Filling my soul when I finish my class and seeing the smiles in peoples faces! Also, seeing the change in people afterward. And feeling at peace with my values.”

While she teaches Face Yoga each day for businesses, online, and through volunteering her services at her local YWCA and at a cancer center, the above is what she strives for. She says that “the [clients] appreciate it so much!” and adds: “I love to help them when they have pain issues.”

Marie-Reine is a shining example of a Face Yogi, and a Certified Face Yoga Method teacher. She is also a great illustration of how face yoga transformed a career of a woman with passion and courage.

As a final note, her advice to you is to “be patient, breath, meditate and pray. Always have YOUR long term vision in front of you.”

You can follow Marie-Reine and Face Yoga Passion online on Facebook!

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