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From An Accountant To A Successful Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher – Follow Her Journey

Imagine working in accounting for 16 plus years and one day, changing it all to start a venture of your own! That journey is exactly what Vanamala Mayr-Reisch in Australia shares with us today.

What it Feels Like to Find Success in a Dream

Vanamala’s commitment is one of inspiration for anyone who wants to know what it feels like to find success in a dream.

Vanamala’s introduction to Face Yoga may sound familiar to yours; she wanted to reduce or reverse and prevent the signs of aging, without botox or fillers. This mission plus her love of working with people were the fuel she needed to make a dramatic change in her life and join the Teacher Certification Course (TCC).

Since graduating in Spring of 2018, Vanamala has conquered her biggest challenges as a newly certified Face Yoga Method Teacher. She shares her scariest moments, “to go out and tell everyone about my new career. It was scary to make the transition from a very successful business to a brand-new business.”

A Combination of Factors That Helped Vanamala Get Through Challenges

The first were her husband and her friends and family who would “listen when I had doubts and put things in perspective”. They also attended her classes and were present for her along the way.

The second being “the unwavering support of our close FYM community. Whenever I felt down, there was someone in the FYM community, who would encourage me.”

But ultimately, it was her tenacity which kept her going “even if there were moments when I wanted to give up.”

Face Yoga Australia
Face Yoga Australia – practice

As no novice to starting a new career, she says it was a cumulation of all of life events which helped her persevere through the toughest moments.

Vanamala measures her success mainly on her reach, but she knows that no accomplishment is too small. From receiving clients from an ad in the paper or social media to a recent Skype session with someone in Papua New Guinea (awesome!), she keeps her eye on growth and wants to see more people in her classes!  

Vanamala’s words of wisdom to you:

“Believe in what you do. Face Yoga is such a profound and powerful process, you can be proud of it as a Face Yoga Method teacher.

Be kind to yourself and acknowledge your little successes. When you hit a wall and can’t see a way out, stop, take a break and be kind to yourself. Always remember why you want to do it.”

You can find Vanamala teaching weekly and private Face Yoga classes, classes for visitors and themed workshops in NSW Australia. Connect with Vanamala on Instagram and Facebook!

Face Yoga Australia

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  1. Hello
    I’m Leila from Algeria. I have 37 years old. Really I hate my face because every day I see the lines of age. I dream to see my face becomes in 20 years old. Please I can see it in this younger age

  2. I am interested in your method, however, it seems there is nothing available except huge marketing around being an instructor, and not a student. How do I know I want to teach something I have never tried? I have not seen one class, or opt in to take instruction, only to become a Face yoga teacher. I think this is really odd. Would someone please explain. To be clear, I am not interested in becoming an instructor. I am interested in learning the technique. How do I proceed?

    1. Post
  3. Hello,
    Believe it or not, I am in the exact same position as Vanamala! I have been working sicne I was 18 and mainly in accounting. Last year, at 45, I decided to quit my job as a chief accountant and become a certified Face Yoga Method teacher. So… I can fully relate to her story! And it’s also a surprise to me… I would have never guessed Vanamala used to be an accountant as well… She seems so knowledgeable and sure of herself as if she’s been doing this for the longest time… So… Congratulations to her, from the bottom of my heart, and best of luck in the future.
    Must confess I have a little news of my own: last night I held my very firs class with 3 friends. They really enjoyed themselves, they were pleasantly surprised by all the information I gave and all of them asked if and when they can do more. I was really anxious about this first class but it turned out just perfect.
    I will also be holding another workshop next Saturday, I don’t quite know how many people will turn up but expect at least 20. So… I am feeling like I am starting to be one the right track, doing what I love, putting myself out there and see my dream come to life.

    Thank you Vanamala for your inspiring testimonial! Thank you Fumiko for existing and being exactly how Vanamala said you are: amazing!

    I’ll keep you up to date with my progress and see you in the nest webinar.

    With all my love and gratitude,
    A big bear hug,

    1. Hi Ana-Marie, what a beautiful surprise to find someone doing the same career change like myself. I wish you lots of success for your workshop and future business. It’s so worth it!
      Vanamala Mayr-Reisch

    1. Post

      Hi Marojorie! Thank you for your interest in the Teacher’s Certification Course! Please join the waitlist for more information : )

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  4. Hi Vanamala!! This is wonderful. I love face yoga and do a few moves at home as part of my routine.
    I would love to come to your classes. Are you teaching in Mullumbimby? Warm Regards, Nirupa

  5. I bought and fully paid for a face shield that regimen. I never figured out how to get onto the regimen and work on the face exercises I still am not sure how to find what I purchase. I am in Massage service I looks pretty young for my age however I’m noticing my chin Needs tightening I would love to be a teacher if it works for me however I have not figured out how do use it my schedule is very busy and I need to be able to access I need is the program easily. I never saw a phone number to speak to anyone please advise me on how to redeem my course and move forward

    1. Post

      Hi Tina! Someone from Customer Support will be reaching out soon to help you get back to the Face Yoga Method!

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