The Minimalist’s Guide to the Pink, Sexy and Plump Lip
I was obsessed with lip balm for a long time. I could not leave the house without lip balm. I was always afraid of losing lip balms so I put lip balms throughout my house as back ups and even in my car. I just could not imagine my life without lip balms.

These days, I only use it a few times a day. I usually use it in the morning when I wash my face and in the evening before going to bed. I rarely use lip colors. Instead, I often do a lip exercise throughout the day whenever I feel like my lips need a little bit of color, moisture and firmness.

More Water, Plumper Lips
As we age, the lips also age. They lose firmness, the color fades and they get wrinkly. Don’t you miss your smooth, soft, and baby pink lips? Your lips also reflect the condition of your body hydration. If you feel your lips are dry, your body needs more water, too. You can use lip balm to heal dry lips but it can be temporary.  Drink more water and see how your lips feel.

The Secret of Baby Lips
I want to share with you one of my favorite exercises for the lips. It is very easy but IT WORKS! Lips get plenty of exercise daily through talking, smiling, chewing and kissing.  So maybe you are wondering what else you can do to exercise your lips. The following exercise stimulates the muscles around the mouth so that they make your lips firm, smooth and plump.  You won’t need to use lip balms so often any more!

The Bumble Bee Lip
With your mouth lightly closed, vibrate your lips together while making a humming sound for 10 seconds or even longer if you can. For the best results, repeat the vibration until you feel a tingly sensation.  This will take you right back to childhood.  Now you know why babies always have the most kissable mouths.

Make sure and tell me how this feels in the comments below.