A woman holding a finger on her right eye and looking to the side.

Eye Area Wrinkles? Here’s The Simple Solution

Crows feet, heavy lids and 11 lines and eye bags are the most common eye-area complaints in the beauty industry.

You’ve probably seen the huge selection of expensive eye creams, tapes, and rollers on the market, but don’t let them fool you because the truth is, these delicate areas are nearly impossible to treat topically.

The good news is that correcting them with Face Yoga is pretty simple!

In this video, I will show you how your forehead actually has a lot to do with these problem areas and how you can effectively get rid of eye area problems while ditching topical products.

Lift your eyes NATURALLY!

Do you want to erase crows feet, heavy lids and 11 lines NATURALLY?In this video I will show you how! ⬇️

Posted by Face Yoga Method on Sunday, April 21, 2019

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More on the eye area HERE.

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      Dear Michelle,

      Except for the video above, you can read my blog post that is specifically related to solving the problem of 11 lines. Here is where you can read it: http://bit.ly/33lKB25.

      Let me know if you have more questions!


  1. Thank you Fumiko for your messages and videos. I do not know how to pay and participate in the programme with the others. Thanks.

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  2. Great video thanks.

    I have purchased your Bright Eyes program, which is good but can’t find anything on under the eyes wrinkles ( tip of the cheeks ) which is my critical area. Which exercise would be right for me?


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      Dear Emylinda,

      Thank you for the nice words! I am very glad that you like my videos and yes, more of them are coming!

      All best,

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