Photo of excited Fumiko Takatsu.

When They Notice Your New Glow…

In many societies people, especially women, have become conditioned to refuse a compliment and nit-pick their own appearance.

If you have ever felt uncomfortable accepting a compliment, had trouble seeing your results, or lack confidence, keep reading. By the end of this post you will understand my message – you will feel empowered to own your Face Yoga glow, take compliments with confidence, and of course, spread the secret!

People Notice Our Improvements, Even Before We Do

The benefits of The Face Yoga Method can be found in several facets of our lives, but sometimes we are the last to realize it!

If you have been practicing regularly, I’d be willing to bet someone in your life has noticed an improvement, maybe even before you have! 

We tend to be our toughest critics and that’s why our friends and loved ones (even husbands, imagine!) can notice changes before we do. 

Whether it’s the way you are carrying yourself, the sparkle in your eye, the radiant glow you are giving off, or maybe all of the above – soon enough your friends and loved ones are going to notice the power of Face Yoga too! 

Two Things To Do When Complimented On Your Face Yoga Glow


Yes, I know it may sound obvious, but I’d bet you have conditioned yourself to focus on your flaws and let compliments go in one ear and out the other. Not this time, Face Yogi!

You have worked hard for your results – own them! Fully embrace the compliment you just received with a smile, and hold it in your heart. Let go of any doubt or negativity that the voice in your head hears. You look great! 


Everyone can benefit from Face Yoga Method and in fact, the more people that do it, the more we all benefit! 

Introduce your friend to Face Yoga with $10 towards their first purchase! It’s simple and takes less than a minute.

The best part – when your friend uses their $10 welcome bonus, you get $10 too!! It’s the gift that keeps on giving. You’d be greedy not to mention it!