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What It Means To Be A Face Yogi

When my sister in law, Maria first pitched the idea of teaching Face Yoga Method online to me, I knew I could do it, but I wanted to be sure that the special connection between me and my students, and their connection with each other would resonate even through a virtual space.

I have always felt that there is more to this practice than just facial exercises, it is a shift in mindset and creates a community of positivity. So with this vision, we dove into it– heart first — with the vision of your stories of transformation both inside and out!

You and I are the foundation of this practice and of this movement.

When I connect with the Face Yogi Community and the thousands of men and women who LIVE the Face Yogi Lifestyle, it is obvious that this vision resonates through us all.

We all belong to one strong and revolutionary community. And now… I’m about to release something we can all identify with…

We will be launching the first ever wearable Face Yogi Swag! in a few days and we expect to SELL OUT! Our stock is VERY limited, so be sure to put your email below to sign up for the waiting list to be the FIRST Face Yogi to hear when the sale goes live!

This wearable Swag is to uplift, empower and remind you of the incredible movement and improvement you are part of. 

Being a Face Yogi means that you are part of the pro-age revolution and you are supported by thousands of men and women on a similar journey as you…

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      Hi Nanty! ‘Swag’ is what we call clothing items or products with the Face Yoga Method logo! This way you can let everyone know you’re a face yogi <3

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      Hi Mariette! ‘Swag’ is another word we use to mean products with the Face Yoga MEthod logo on it to show your love and support to us!

  1. I appreciate this empowerment of women culture to facilitate them to take better care of their lives. It is so natural and easy keep this up I wish I could come once to meet you all good teachers

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