Photo of Koko Hayashi, a Face Yoga Teacher.

2 Years As A Face Yoga Teacher In L.A.

Just two years after certifying through the Face Yoga Method Course, you can find Koko Hayashi busy teaching Face Yoga in downtown Los Angeles, California. Her latest students were no less than the Kardashians! But her start to Face Yoga was not glitz and glamor. This is Koko’s story about how Face Yoga Method helped her understand the value of the natural…

Koko’s Struggle Before Discovering Facial Yoga

Before trying Face Yoga Method for herself, Koko underwent plastic surgery on her chin, which led to permanent asymmetry of her jaw. This is when she knew that it was time to try a natural approach to create the face she desired.

Kim and Chloe Kardashian Practicing Face Yoga with Koko
Kim Kardashian shared an Instagram story about practicing Face Yoga with Koko

Koko’s had a longstanding relationship with the beauty and cosmetic industry. Before her Face Yoga career, she worked in cosmetics making soaps, shampoos and other hygiene products. But even though she was on the right path towards her goal, she “need[ed] more, and more, something new.”

Today, Hayashi is a Certified Face Yoga Teacher in LA

Just weeks ago, she had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity teaching Face Yoga to Kim Kardashian!” Koko shared that “that would not have happened if you [Fumiko] didn’t teach me how. So that’s really a huge accomplishment for me.”

She knows that no matter what creams or makeup you manufacture or decide to wear, “we depend on real foundation, which is our muscles.” 

She’s absolutely right! All too often we are just masking the symptoms and not addressing the underlying causes. So instead of fighting against gravity and your skin’s reaction to environmental stressors- you can use Face Yoga to naturally reflect how you feel inside, outward.

In the video below, watch the whole interview with Koko!

Ambassadors like Koko are spreading my message worldwide and their success is only limited by their imagination. For Koko, her biggest takeaway both personally and to her clients is the face muscle and brain connection: 

“When the facial muscles, face posture or facial expression is really in good condition you feel great. It’s automatic. So facial muscle movement is so important to our brain. It’s not just for beauty, but in addition, it’s really good for mindset, brain or mental health as well.”

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