3 Things You Should Always Do After Face Yoga

I often talk about the importance of doing certain things BEFORE you practice Face Yoga.

Great habits that will boost benefits like, applying moisturizer, stretching and maintaining a healthy diet.

But there are also things you can do AFTER you practice Face Yoga to help you get the MOST BENEFIT out of the poses!

Here are the top 3 things you can do to maximize your FYM results:

NUMBER ONE: Admire yourself in the mirror!

The words we speak to ourselves are so powerful and the sooner we can create a healthy inner-narrative the better you’re going to feel and look!

Many Face Yogis notice improved glow, plumpness in the lips, and lifted eyelids immediately after their practice. Take a moment to pause after your routine, to make the connection between pose and benefits.

It’s a great way to stay motivated while building a healthier relationship with yourself. This doesn’t have to be done right away, but the sooner the better.

Take notice of everything – the lines on your forehead, or a more relaxed face, or much fuller cheeks, it can be anything!

Take the time to appreciate the work you just did and give yourself a big smile.

NUMBER TWO: Re-apply moisturizer and/or sunscreen! 

When you move your face sometimes you’ll feel some tightness or more sensations because you’re activating your muscles.

Being sure to apply moisturizer (properly wink, wink) will help rejuvenate your skin and help it recover from the exercise, beautifully. 

My favorite way to hydrate my skin after Face Yoga is with The Whipped Oxygen Cream or an egg white mask. 

This cream is the perfect balance of hydration while feeling weightless on my skin. It’s like a superfood for my face and my skin soaks it up after my poses.

I also love the egg white mask, because I can feel it lock in the work I just did, especially around my eye area. I like to apply a certain way to create extra lift and smoothness. Check out this tutorial here for more on egg white masks. 

NUMBER THREE: Drink water! 

Yep, you guessed it. I’ve saved the best for last! This action is great both physically and mentally.

The third and perhaps most important post-Face Yoga action you can do can take to maximize your practice, is to hydrate!

It’s so important to hydrate every time you finish your routine so that your body starts to form a connection between Face Yoga and water. Plus, just like when you exercise your body, when you exercise your face, your facial muscles will use more water from your body so it’s important to replenish.

I especially love drinking hot water because of all of the additional benefits vs. cold water. Learn more about why I love hot water HERE. 

A woman with long dark hair in a pink sport bra, looking on the side with her tongue stuck out towards her left cheek.

There you have it. The three simple post-Face Yoga practices you can add to your routine today!

When our skin is happy and healthy, it shows. By adding these three quick tips to your routine, you’re going to look, feel, and be radiant.

Are you doing these yet? Want to learn more result-boosting tips? Let me know!

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