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The Best Face Exercises For Getting Rid Of Unwanted Double Chin

If you’re noticing loose skin, double chin, or turkey neck on your body, you’re not alone! The great news is that Face Yoga Method is your pain-free, natural and zero-side effect remedy. Here are two Face Yoga exercises to guarantee results on a double chin…

One of the reasons I created the Face Yoga Method poses combined with body postures is because I believe that our posture influences the way our face looks.

It’s so fascinating how it has become second nature to me to check people’s posture and facial expressions when I see them or talk to them. 

I can’t help myself. 

One thing that I noticed recently, is that more and more people, especially younger people, are getting a double chin

One of the main culprits is texting. 

When we look down on our phones, here’s what happens: 

  • Our shoulders round and hunch 
  • Our chin tucks in 
  • Our eyes gaze down and squint
  • Our mouth droops.

Here’s the difference between good phone posture and bad:

Person with headphones smiling while holding a phone vs Person talking on the phone while holding it on her ear.

So what I want to show you today are two Face Yoga exercises you can do to make your chin area more defined, reduce a double chin, and tighten turkey neck. 

These poses are very simple, so let’s dive in…

Love it? There’s more where they came from! Download your FREEBIE to use Face Yoga to reduce a double chin, today! 

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