How To Create Your Best Smile

Wondering how to get rid of the lines around your mouth?
Are you self-conscious about your gummy smile? 

Do you have unwanted creases when you laugh?

Here’s how to get younger looking lips and instantly create your best smile!

Our facial expressions are learned behaviors that have a tremendous impact on our appearance in the long run and are the main factor behind the way people interpret our mood and personality. Yes, the way you smile and sleep can cause unwanted wrinkles. 

When I was a child, I never thought that by tightening the chin area and the way I was smiling were creating unwanted smile lines around my mouth, lip lines, deeper nasolabial folds and “pouches” near my lips. But here are the facts…

Fact: Your daily habits create lasting wrinkles. 
Fact: The mouth and lips are the first giveaway of age
Fact: You can change the way you smile and reduce mouth wrinkles using Face Yoga!

And since our smile is essentially our walking business card, in the video below I’ll demonstrate the simple corrections you can do with your facial muscles to create your best smile.

You see, by changing the muscles that are activated while smiling, you will be able to isolate the mouth and cheek muscles and fix a gummy smile, smokers’ lines, and nasolabial pouches instantly!

Since this realization, I was able to use my Face Yoga expertise to quickly and consciously PREVENT these types of lines in the future. Below I’m going to show you how to do the same.

If you want to learn how to create the perfect smile, here’s a FREEBIE to get you started!

Face Yoga For a Beautiful Smile