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How Face Yoga Method Can Transform Your Life

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“All this sorrow of the last year began to show on my face. I saw that I lost the sparkle in my eyes…”

The past year has been hard, unexpected, and has evoked a certain type of resilience within each of us. And sometimes we don’t even realize the stresses until we do something that helps us change, grow and transform. It’s only then that we realize how much of ourselves, of feeling good, grateful, and inspired we’ve been truly missing.

Face Yoga Method is not just facial exercises, but also a way to transform your life. We’ve said it, and our Face Yogis are living it! The truth is, it’s the devotion to a Practice, and to yourself, that causes transformation and acts as an anchor no matter what external circumstances may be taking place. 

“I need something positive, I need a positive input. And lucky me, I discovered this Bootcamp, and that was pure gold for me!” ~Cosmina

Do you have an anchor? Something that grounds you and makes you come back to your center? Something that makes you feel revived, and balanced?

Reclaiming Your Connection To Self

Cosmina is one of our recent Bootcampers who went into the Bootcamp Program with a desire to rid herself of wrinkles and diminish the stresses that started to show on her face. However, she walked out not even paying attention to the wrinkles. She says that the six week experience has changed so much in her life, her posture, her habits, her approach. But most importantly it changed how she looks at herself! We loved witnessing her transformation, we had to share it with others! 

“When I look in the mirror, I don’t see the faults… I’m seeing me. I’m seeing me in the mirror again. And that’s an amazing change!” ~Cosmina

A practice that meets you where you’re at will awaken this connection within you. It works by first allowing you to create space for yourself, your rituals, to watch your progress, your growth, and then it serves as a pillar of remembering to love yourself, in your entirety. 

“The funny thing is, I don’t care about wrinkles anymore…and when I see a wrinkle…I know what to do. And it’s great fun to work with myself again!” ~Cosmina

Most of us spend time searching for the connection to ourselves outside of ourselves. But a Face Yogi knows that the magic is already within. Even five minutes a day can help revive the connection if you create the time and dedicate to the Practice. 

Building Community & Belonging

“I feel very much a part of a wonderful group of women around the world.” ~Cosmina

When we set out on a mission to empower women worldwide, we couldn’t begin to imagine the Community we’d someday create! It weaved itself based on a collective desire, hope, and intention of helping women embrace their age, and reclaim their confidence.

We simply couldn’t have imagined the sisterhood that would form and evolve, and continue to be the greatest part of The Face Yoga Method! Within this Community, we are family. We support each other, celebrate each other, encourage each other, learn from each other, and grow alongside each other. 

“Thank you for your openness and for sharing your stories with all of us…” ~Cosmina

Belonging comes from feeling we’re heard, seen and understood. And we make it a priority to share our stories so that we inspire others to tell theirs. There is no shame, no judgement, and no competition, only loving awareness and support. During the Bootcamp Program, and beyond it, we’re all on the same team — Pro-Age! 

“It’s wonderful how you talk, with all your passion for what you do, with your big heart, and the love you have for us, students. Thank you very much for that.” ~Cosmina

Change Your Face, Change Your Life

“I loved discovering the muscles of my face. I loved the relaxing moments. I like the funny faces… and my skin is much better than before…” ~Cosmina

Change Your Face, Change Your Life still serves as the motto of the Face Yoga Method, because when you do something for yourself, to look and feel good — you simply approach life differently! Period.

Face Yoga is so much more than facial exercises, and we’ve seen life transformations happen in front of our eyes over and over again. When you blend powerful and willful women, with a supportive Community, and the lessons of self-love, self-care, and acceptance, the outcome is limitless!

Before and after of a Face Yoga practitioner - progress with facial exercises.

We continue to be humbled by the Journeys of our Face Yogis and are grateful to watch them thrive. While it may start with the wish to look better, in order to feel better, during the Face Yoga Journey it’s inevitable to uncover that there’s so much more beneath the surface. The pieces of yourself and the feeling good you feel you might have been missing, are all there, just waiting for you to take the leap. 

Say YES to doing something for yourself.

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  1. I started but lost my way. Can I please restart with the link I first paid for? Many thanks in advance. Suse

    1. You have lifetime access to the programs you purchase, reach out to us if you need assistance accessing 🙂

  2. I love face Yoga! Actually I bought the book. Buuut I have been practicing since January and I don’t see any improvement . So O was wondering if you have any recommendation!!!

    1. Hi Silvia!
      The biggest tip we have for you is to take pictures. This can help track your progress and notice small changes that you may not otherwise notice. We suggest that you continue to exercise the poses and follow the below tips:

      1. Follow the instructions in each video *fully*, really pay attention
      2. Visualize and focus on the muscles you’re using
      3. Make sure you’re not using muscles you shouldn’t, like the forehead when doing eye exercises
      4. Practice in front of a mirror until you’re 100% confident you’re doing it correctly
      5. Pay attention to your daily habits. For example, if you’re doing neck & jawline exercises, but at night you’re sleeping on a pillow that’s too high and forms creases on your neck then that would be counter productive.
      6. Drink enough water and moisturize

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