My 1 Discovery That Led To A Life Of Happiness And Love

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, which for many, means exchanges of chocolate, a nice dinner out, and words of endearment between sweethearts. But if you’re without a partner this holiday, let me remind you that your Valentine is with you all the time, if you’re following this one simple rule. 

This Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing with you one discovery which has led to more happiness and love in my life than anything else. But before I give you this shortcut, I want you to see a glimpse of what my life was like before. 

Family photo, mom (Fumiko Takatsu) and her husband holding their baby girl.

In my early years of motherhood, I found myself feeling guilty much of the time and I had a knack for troubling myself with problems that felt solution-less. Sometimes I felt guilty for not knowing the “right” way of doing things, often I needed the support of my husband and others in my family, and I always felt like I could be doing more for my child.

The pressure we put on ourselves as mothers is IMMENSE and rightfully so. We have the most important job in the world, but the reality is, we’re never going to be any of the things we’re trying to be until we have learned to love ourselves unconditionally first. 

And I see proof of this in real-time every day. 

The days that I’m able to show up fully for my daughter, are the days that I show up fully for MYSELF first. That’s right, Moms! I have found the secret to being “the worlds best mom”, and that’s to make myself my priority and no one else’s.  

Some simple ways we can make ourselves our priority are to: 

🔑 Fearlessly ask for help or support.

🔑 Allow for space when we need it  (or better yet, before it’s needed).

🔑 Treat yourself with the same compassion that you show your loved ones.

In the video below, I share the moment when I realized the importance of putting my needs first and how this impacts not only my life, but my entire family. Watch it below.

Maybe this doesn’t seem so hard, but for me, just shifting my mindset to be able to ask for these things without the guilt, was the biggest challenge. 

So as we focus on the ones we love and as we express our love to others this weekend, let me remind you to carve out some time for loving yourself too. Use the three keys above to help you fill your cup and show up as the best version of yourself in all facets of life. 

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