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How To Even Out A Droopy Eyelid

Fumiko Takatsu Face Yoga Exercises for the Eye Area 24 Comments

Have you noticed that your eyelids are uneven, maybe one is droopier than the other? Does it look like as if one eye is more closed than the other? When you wear eyeliner/eye shadow, do you get bothered looking at your uneven eyelids?

Face and body symmetry became an obsession of mine over ten years ago when I was in a terrible car accident that left both my face and body out of alignment. As a result I didn’t like the way I looked and I started having headaches because my body was so out of balance.

If you’re having the same kind of issues I used to have, don’t despair. I have created a very simple exercise you can do to make your eyelids even.

When some parts of your body get out of balance, it can affect the entire body! Think about it. If you close one eye and try to see things, what do you think your body does? If one side of your eye has droopy eyelids, or if you have uneven eyelids how would that affect your body?

If your eyelids are uneven, this is the exercise for you. Try it and let me know how it worked for you!

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Comments 24

    1. Hi Fumiko.I just saw the exercise for to even out a droopy eyelid…I am so surprised I dont seem to be able to wink my right eye…I can wink with the left eye but not with the right…When I try to wink the right eye the left eye always goes down at the same time…How can I resolve this problem..I

      1. HI Bhavani, it sounds like one side of your eye muscles are underworked. You will be able to resolve this issue with out Symmetrical Eyes Jump Start wherein Fumiko will guide you through 28-Days worth of Face Yoga Method techniques that are aimed at making your mouth more symmetrical and love the way you smile. More information here: https://faceyogamethod.com/symmetrical-mouth-js/

        1. I paid for my life time access and can’t find my information. When I first purchased it about two years ago you were having web site issues. A lot has happened in those two years and I’ve had some very hard personal things to come to terms with. Anyway I’ve aged 15 years in the last 18 to 24 months. I’m finally starting to find myself again and want to get my FYM on!
          Thank you

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  1. Fumiko, thank you for this video on the droopy eyelid. I’ve been working on mine for quite a while, which has helped tremendously. However, in this video, you don’t incorporate the part of the “binoculars” of opening the eye as widely as possible before the squinting.

    Do you consider that just the squinting is sufficient for the droopy eyelid’s exercise?

    thank you!

  2. I’m very interested in this exercise, but I’m worried it will cause crow’s feet lines. I also do the binoculars pose daily, so I’m unsure if adding this is going to be too much repetitive squinting.


      1. Thanks Fumiko! I already feel a difference in the strength of my eye muscles in my weaker eye.

        How many sets a day should be done for maintenance?


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    1. Hi Sukhvir,
      You should do this exercise on the side with the smaller eye, but you have to make sure that you are NOT raising your eyebrow on this side! To prevent this, you can place your other hand on the forehead so you can feel if you’re raising the eyebrow!

      Let me know how it worked for you!


    1. Hi Nada! Make sure you’re not using muscles you shouldn’t, like the forehead when doing eye exercises, you can use the fingers for assistance 🙂

  3. Hi Fuminko
    When I try this exercise with the eyelid that looks more closed, I feel like I can’t squint without closing my good eye at the same time and it’s much harder to move the muscles on the problem side.
    Do you think this exercise will work if I just keep trying?

    1. Hi Daniella! Thank you for reaching out, using your hands as tools is a great way to enhance poses or isolate unwanted movement.

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